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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Christian Abortionists

Posted by Hello So often we hear of the term "Religious Right". The gripe from the party of death is that Republicans often are Christian and try to live Christian lives. Ninety percent of the time they vote for proLife candidates who then vote for proLife bills ninety percent of the time.

Nowadays you hear Dems telling us that they also are Christians, and that Republicans have hijacked religion. "We are moral people" they will say. Dems will throw up examples of how they are moral. They will toss up their support for the common man, their desire to help the least of us. The problem is, there are a lot of issues where they believe they are being merciful but to many it just shows their lack of understanding of what it means to really care.

> They are for assisted suicide

> They are for abortion including late-term abortion and have even fought against medication to make this horrible death less painful.

> They believe in killing the disabled

> They believe in killing human beings for experimentation

> They believe drugs should be legal because alcohol is

> They believe our children should get sex education at the youngest ages and that if they need birth control or abortions, they should be able to get them without parental consent

> They believe there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, transgenders or transvestites

> They believe in evolution, or if they do believe in God, evolution trumps God and it was God's plan that we came from monkeys.


I know I phrase these things in a way that they would disagree with, so let's look at how Dems and libs would say it:


> We (Dems & libs) believe in assisted suicide because a person should be able to die with dignity.

> We (Dems & libs) believe in a woman's right to choose

> We (Dems & libs) believe that we wouldn't want to live that way (disabled)

> We (Dems & libs) believe that it is horrible for people to be paralyzed or injured in such a way that they could only be saved through embryonic (human) research. So we should do the research in order to better mankind.

> LSD, Pot and other drugs should be legal because people use them anyway, it makes criminals out of decent citizens and Pot is helpful for people with Cancer.

> Schools should help children with problems that they can't get help with at home. our children might not seek help with issues like abortion and sex so it is best to allow the schools to help them.

> Homosexuality and other "choices" should be allowed and encouraged. Anyone who speaks against them should be convicted of hate crimes and/or suspended or expelled.

> Evolution is factual, Creationism is not

Christians (without modern distortions) believe there should be a limit as to how much control schools have over our children. Why should schools be teaching our children how to put on condoms which have a failure rate of 10%? Why should schools give our children birth control pills which could cause them serious harm? Why don't school teach abstinence? Dems believe that children are going to have sex anyway so we might as well prepare them for it. Teach them how, & then when they are pregnant, show them where to get rid of the child. Where? Why Planned Parenthood of course. They kill about 250,000 human beings in their facilities yearly at a profit of about $35 million dollars. Non-profit...yeah, right.

Christians (without modern distortions) typically believe that homosexuality and other deviations such as this are exactly that, deviations. Why should homosexuals and other deviants be allowed to foster children? O'Reilly says that he is all for it. It's better to do that than it is for them to grow up in foster homes. Society just needs to deal with these issues better instead of teaching homosexuality and deviancy to our children. Yes, homosexuality can be taught. This notion that you are born that way & can't change is liberal propaganda. There are many former homosexuals who are out there telling us about this but the mainstream media won't bother to give you 5 minutes of their time.

Christians (without modern distortions) believe in God. We believe God created us separately from animal. We have animal instincts, we can behave like animals, but we are human beings and God gave us free will. He gave us free will to do right or wrong. He gave us free will to hurt or help.

The problem lies with the conclusion to all the Democrat and liberal statements. In most cases, it is death. In the other cases it is accepting moral changes in society which most disagree with. Stem cell research even goes as far as doing what Joseph Mengele did, namely to use human beings to experiment on to better mankind.

Dems honestly believe we are better off dead then growing up in a foster home. They honestly believe we are better of dead then growing up in poverty. They honestly believe we are better off dead then being disabled.

They believe these things so much so that they are starting their own Churches to help spread the message that they really do care. Their slogan might as well be "come to us and let us show you how to kill or be killed...humanely".

Humanely? That's what they want us to believe, but Terri Schiavo's death was anything but that. She died of dehydration and starvation after two horrible weeks. Michael Schiavo's attorney commented how wonderful it was to die this way, as if he would know. If it's so wonderful why don't we use it to kill murderers on death row? Why do they get an injection & in a minute it's all over for them?

They will preach in the name of Jesus that if you are suffering or might suffer, death is what Christ wants for you and your children because it is more humane. They will pitch it so convincingly that many will fall for it. Many already have.

The problem is, Churchgoers don't want to hear that message. As this article states:

"The (Presbyterian) Church, which has even opposed a ban on partial-birth abortions, has lost more than 40,000 members for the third straight year. It's lost 12.9 percent of its total membership since 1983 and nearly half of its membership since 1965."

I hope and pray that their numbers continue to decline. I predict that the only members they will have in the next few years will be homosexuals, transexuals, transgenders, drug users and alcoholics, Democrats and supporters of abortion and death.

The Presbyterian Church will change though. They need the money. They will change their message to some sort of PC message to try & attract contributors. It won't work. It will always come down to their core values, and supporting abortion and other death issues is not the way to go. They will try to make it seem as if Religion and Politics shouldn't mix, but as most people know, if you have a political leader who leads without Religion or with improper Religion, secular laws get passed that negatively affect and influence us and our children.

I'm glad America has finally understood the connection. I believe the reason we finally have is because liberals/Democrats have gone so far off the deep end, believing that their message is the one people want to hear, that we have finally seen the insanity enough for it to scare us away from them.

Some folks say we shouldn't get involved in politics. They say that politics is corrupt and we should leave the secular world to the secularists. We should pull our children out of schools and homeschool them. It won't work. The secularists will pass laws that will oppress us like you can't imagine if we let them.


> They have been trying to pass laws making homeschooling illegal in some states

> If it is legal, they check up on you and if you don't pass their muster they will take your children away from you

> They are passing laws increasing the requirements for you to homeschool your children

> Religion is being removed or changed in the workplace and in our Government. The future is "One nation, under whomever you believe in, with liberty and justice for those who aren't overly-Religious"

And finally, think about this, how can you be a Christian doctor and perform abortions. How can you rip apart a tiny, vulnerable human being and somehow have any semblance of humanity left in you?

You can't
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