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Monday, March 06, 2006

Guns & Pills

La Shawn Barber pointed out the idiotic law that forces Wall-Mart to dispense the morning after pill.


It's unbelievable that a state can force us to participate in immoral acts, expecially those that kill people! Next they'll say that we can allow group sex in a bar with minors. Oh yeah, Canada already does that.

What do you think is going to happen when people who work there refuse to sell pills which are known to kill human beings? Will they get fired? Will they have to quit?

Nurses, doctors and others around the country are forced to participate in the murder of millions of human beings. We need to demand an end to this!

Join us at in the Monthly Call for Life. Don't just sit there, call, email and/or march on the first Friday of every month and let our representatives know we want them to stop abortion and their support for products which kill innocent human beings.

Don't just pray. Don't just donate. Don't just blog. Don't just talk to your friends.

The unborn need you to do more.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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