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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Speak Quietly

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Everywhere you look proLifers tread lightly about the proLife message. It's as if we are afraid people will think we're wild-eyed psychos because we talk about ending abortion.

When was the last time you heard about gangs of proLife murderers storming the countryside hacking abortion doctors and nurses to death?


Yet they butcher around 4,000 human beings every single day. Why are we the ones acting like we have to speak quietly? I'm not saying do violent see, isn't it ridiculous that I have to clarify that? What I am saying is our voices need to be heard.

Instead of speaking queitly for fear they will think we're nuts, we need to be angry and speak up!

What is wrong with anger in this particular situation? The only way there is real change sometimes is for us to get angry at our existing situation and for us to really want change.

Remember, they are the ones murdering human beings...over 40 million to this day, in the United States alone.

That's more than Hitler & Stalin put together.

Isn't that a reason to get angry?

Put your anger to good use. Once a month join the Call for Life at Call your elected officials and let them know you are angry and you want abortion to stop!

Tell everyone you know to call every month.

We are not asking for money. We are only asking that you do your part to end abortion. I know most of you may be busy with your existing calling or other "Purpose Driven" lives, but you can commit at least 15 minutes every month to actually do something to stop abortion.

For those of you who believe in God, do you believe it can be done? Is God capable of this?

Of course it can be, and of course God is capable of this. We are his messengers, but if we don't deliver the message, it will never be heard.

Speak up and speak out. Every month. Join the Call for Life and tell as many as you can to do the same.

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