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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King died today at the age of 78. She was a powerful speaker for those who were condemned to death, unfortunately she did not speak for the unborn.

Strangely, King and most other vocal capital punishment opponents are very pro-abortion.


Why is it that black leaders don't see the evil of abortion and how it has taken the lives of millions of their people? Statistically a person sentenced to the death penalty has a "1.4 percent chance of being executed during the remainder of his life". With abortion, black women kill half as many of their children as are born, approximately 503 per 1000.

When Rosa Parks died back in October of 2005 I wrote about how Margaret Sanger, a proponent of eugenics, would be proud of her eugenics achievements. Her organization, Planned Parenthood, continues to kill hundreds of thousands of unborn blacks every year.

Coretta Scott King was Pro-Family and Pro-Education and Pro-Life when it came to opposing the death penalty. Her achievements were extensive and she did an outstanding job of carrying on the legacy of her husband.

Coretta Scott King has carried the message of nonviolence and the dream of the beloved community to almost every corner of our nation and globe. She has led goodwill missions to many countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. She has spoken at many of history's most massive peace and justice rallies. She served as a Women's Strike for Peace delegate to the seventeen-nation Disarmament Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962. She is the first woman to deliver the class day address at Harvard, and the first woman to preach at a statutory service at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

The King Center Article

Unfortunately, she was not Pro-Life when it came to the unborn.

I'm not condemning her. I believe she did great things and helped many people. I'm just sad that she didn't speak for the unborn. The influence of the culture of death is far reaching and has touched the lives of many decent people, be they average citizens or influential leaders.

Tanya Green from CWA sums it up:

Denial of the most basic human right—the right to live—is the premise for abortion. Sadly, some today have been led to include a “right” to an abortion with traditional civil rights. The irony is that while Dr. King heroically struggled to win equality for blacks, another movement was working subversively to reduce the number of black children born. What better way to limit the “Negro problem” than by decreasing the number of “Negroes” … and by convincing leaders in the black community to endorse it.

Do your best to help end abortion. Speak out for the unborn every chance you get. Don't leave it to others. They only have us.

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