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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Leave it to others?

The question we have to ask ourselves as human beings is where are we going to go with all of the scientific research that is here today and what is coming down the road? I challenge all you decent people who are reading this article to challenge other decent people to open their eyes, accept the fact that we have a lot of work to do, and encourage them to participate in what is required in order for decent human beings to stop the scientific madness that is going on in America.

For you boomers out there, remember when we were kids how there were plenty of kids with birth defects around? Why aren't there as many today? Did we "cure" the problems like Down Syndrome & others? Nope. We've been killing people because they aren't good enough for society. Tests in the womb give a percentage of what a child in the womb "might" develop and the mothers kill them off under the recommendation from the doctors. Why do you think there was such a big stink with the March of Dimes a while back? The March of Dimes was supposed to help cut down on birth defects right? Well, we thought they were going to accomplish this goal through research, but then we learned that they were encouraging doctors to kill children with birth defects.


And another

"The recent coalescence of the Right to Life Movement into a national force of significant proportions, I believe, has been a surprise to all of us. To some, this has become an unwelcome development. If we do not meet this force head-on, it could become a threat to the science of genetics, to amniocentesis programs, to sex education in public schools, and to help with the problem of teenage pregnancy, and it could seriously diminish our effort to prevent mental retardation.

"I am suggesting that we confront this force by linking up with other organizations such as the National Organization for Women, the AMA, Planned Parenthood... and abortion rights organizations... We must emphasize the importance of the protection of equal rights — the right of the child to be well born and the right of the mother to have healthy children." 1 (emphasis added)

I know two women whose mothers were pressured to kill them in the womb. They are perfectly healthy, but even if they weren't, just because they might have developed a birth defect, would that have made them less human?

Do you know that in America we are experimenting with:

Stem Cell Research
Gender selection - Want a boy? Kill the girl & try again.
Selective reduction - When a baby or number of babies is killed so that a woman can have a more manageable number of children to raise
And more

Read those examples of what we are doing in America again and this time add "which takes the lives of innocent human beings" after each one.

Not too long there was a Nazi German named Joseph Mengele. He and Adolph Hitler wanted to create a "master race". They too were pursuing genetics to help them with their goal. After the war the books on the inhumane experiments were closed. It was decided that mankind should not benefit from evil experimentation, no matter how much good it might do.

The moral thinking of those days is gone.

Years following the horrible events of WWII saw us accepting more an more immoral and inhumane behavior. Homosexuality, polygamy, bestiality, cloning, b&d, prostitution and more are on their way as accepted moral behavior. How can you argue that any of those are wrong based on morals and values when secularists and pagans say "don't legislate your morals on me"? Anyone who has walked past a Victoria's Secret store in the mall nowadays knows what I am talking about.

Article on Victoria's Secret display at Tyson's Corner, Virginia

A man named Alfred Kinsey taught us that raping children was a good way to prove that children enjoyed being molested by evil men. David Kupelian wrote about the rewriting of morals and values in America in a book titled "The Marketing of Evil".


I haven't finished the entire lecture write-up, but here is some of it at


(you have to click "play" to view the video)

Here is an article about how successfully stopped the sale of a child-sex book:


This part from the book really helps define the modern "anything goes" movement:

"Adult-child sex" is the next big "sexual liberation" movement on its way, warns David Kupelian, WND's managing editor and author of the "The Marketing of Evil."

"It's amazing how devious these people are. To mainstream sex with children, they resort to pseudo-scholarly research and produce heavily footnoted academic papers extolling the virtues of pedophilia in ancient societies.

"But the purpose is obvious – to desensitize good people to the terrible crime of pedophilia, and to blur the line between good and evil."

In one chapter of "The Marketing of Evil," which has been met with critical acclaim, Kupelian exposes the modern pedophile movement, which is firmly rooted in the controversial sex research of Indiana University's Alfred Kinsey.

"Kinsey relied on serial pedophiles for obtaining his so-called 'research,'" said Kupelian. "For instance, 'Table 34' on page 180 of Kinsey’s 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male' purports to be a scientific record of 'multiple orgasm in pre-adolescent males' – which is based on the criminal sexual molestation of children, including infants and toddlers, for the purposes of obtaining 'data' for his research.

In 1973 the Supreme court opened the floodgates on legal abortion in America. Two generations have been raised under a false understanding of what being "human" really means.

The baby boom generation doesn't have an excuse. Many sought an easy way out and pretended not to know.

Today, our children are being raised by Planned Parenthood and school systems which teach them that children are inconvenient, sex is good, you're going to do it anyway so you might as well have "protection", which they will sell to you for a profit, which is guaranteed to fail, after which they will offer you an abortion...for a fee of course.

Christian men and women turn from their responsibility of teaching sex to their children and leave it up to the schools and Planned Parenthood. They don't believe that sex marketing that is going on. More than that, they refuse to believe it! Every discussion I have with women about the school systems goes the same way. They insist that the school is teaching abstinence, as if that is all that they are being taught. I tell them that even in our day the schools gave out birth control pills and condoms, so why do they think it is different now? They eventually concede the likelihood of this occurring. So I ask if they know anyone who has gotten pregnant while using birth control pills or condoms. Most do. And?

What do you think "Sex Education" is anyway? Have you ever heard of the word "marketing"? How about "sex sells"?

We should be teaching our children how to be dealing with their sexual urges. We are not animals. I know certain people want to try and convince America that we are, but we are not.

A segment of society wants to convince the world that we can't help what we do because we are born to do those things. It's the age-old "good is bad" "bad is good" thing. They want you to get confused and question your morals and values long enough to change the laws of the land. They have learned to say things that will make you feel sorry for them and start to consider their arguments.

Here is the latest installment from Ray about SCNT:

Dear "Pro-Life" guy: I am happy to hear that you have been looking into SCNT. After your argument about the sacred sperm, you do need to investigate this subject. Two techniques have been developed to get around the embryo issue which bothers you so much even with nuclear transfer.

"Pro-Life" Guy after this statement "Ray, I'm not sure if you are unaware or just not concerned for what really happens with modern scientific experimentation with human beings. Here is some information on "somatic cell nuclear transfer" (SCNT)" I must tell you that I can do little but know about stem cell research.

Synthetic stem cells have been created at the U of San Francisco. Scientists have created mice from same sex parents, see Mickey Has Two Moms Homosexuals will someday be able to reproduce their own genetic offspring. How do you like them apples?

"Homosexuals will someday be able to reproduce their own genetic offspring. How do you like them apples?"

It's flat out evil Ray and I'm sorry you support such things.

1) A technique has been developed to extract one cell (like in IVF genetic testing) to create a stem cell line, leaving the embryo intact. But what are you going to do with it, leave it perpetually in limbo? Also, where is your opposition to IVF clinics?

IVF clinics create millions of human beings, inject them into women to see which ones take and then they freeze or throw away the rest. Human beings, not "embryos" as pro-abortion people like to call them.

(2) There is a process known as ANT Altered Nuclear Transfer whereby an embryo created with an unfertilized germ cell and somatic skin cells would be disabled so it could never implant under any circumstances. Although this should allay the fears of those who are terrified of cloning, it won't.

I have thought a great deal about this subject and have concluded that what really bothers hESCR opponents is the fact that scientists can do "God's work" regarding reproduction, .except in the case of IVF clinics where the purpose is to allow childless couples to reproduce albeit at the expense of embryos that fail to implant or thaw successfully. This puts doubt on religious beliefs although there is no reason why it should.

You are right. Scientists should not be doing "God's work". Godless people will look to man for solutions. These scientists might help people live a little bit longer, with less pain, but in the end, they can't give us everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven. This extreme evil that is going on in the labs of America today is an example of man gone wild. We are living in the culture of "The Lord of the Flies", and soon, people who speak out against this evil will be rounded up and locked away for "hate crimes" for doing so.

No human beings or persons are experimented upon with stem cell research. Stem cells are living, human cells, but every cell in your body contains the DNA potential for a clone. Stem cells are called cells because they are cells, not people. An acorn is not an oak tree and a squirrel that eats an acorn is not a murderer.

Nice try on the disinformation. Stem cells are harvested from living human beings. You can't get a stem cell from a rock.

Cloning is wrong. You should not create a copy of yourself in order to kill the copy for your cure.

No human beings or persons are being sacrificed to alleviate my suffering and thanks to people like you, my suffering and that of millions never will be relieved until we die, but someday science will prevail. when we do get a cure say for diabetes. That is why you don't oppose IVF - it works. There is good reason why most scientists and Nobel Laureates support ESCR.. I think you choose to promote the idea that cells are people because if you are successful, it will be easier to overturn Roe. V. Wade, again tying the abortion issue to ESCR.

I don't oppose IVF because it works, I oppose it because it is evil. Human beings should not be sacrificed so that other humans can "make" children like toys.

So, for those of you who know we are in trouble in America and around the world...are you going to leave the necessity of confronting our government and scientists with these issues to others, or are you going to get involved?

Even if you are already involved in a Pro-Life movement, join us at anyway. The goal is to unite all of us who know that we must speak out in a Monthly Call for Life. We email, call and/or march to let them know that we want abortion to end and we won't stop speaking out against it until they have stopped it.

When our numbers grow sufficiently enough we will speak out against all the madness going on.

Separately we can accomplish great things. United we can accomplish more and faster. I'm not saying you should give up your calling, just join us once a month on the first Friday.

Wave your own banner/flag. Make your own statements. Whatever you do, do it on the same day once a month and we will be heard!

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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