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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Call Maryland Senator Roy Dyson

Call Senator Dyson & let him know that we are disappointed in him for ending the fillibuster which might have saved many lives.

This just made its way to me through the Knights of Columbus of Maryland, from the Christian Coalition of Maryland:

I regret to inform you that Senator Roy Dyson just voted in favor of ending debate on the SB 144, the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006. With only 18 voting to continue debate, the filibuster is over. It is nearly certain now that your tax dollars will be used to fund research involving the killing of human embryos.

Photo From Maryland Archives

I believe Senator Dyson was labeled as one of the "brave Senators" who were going to stand up against the culture of death. Though he is a Democrat, who traditionally vote for the culture of death, his record up to this point has been Pro-Life for many years.

I get the feeling some political or financial lubrication has taken place which helped him slide over to the culture of death.

Folks, we need to ring Senator Dyson's phone off the hook & flood his email with our reaction to this! Embryonic stem cell research has not yielded one single benefit to mankind and is responsible for the deaths of many.

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