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Friday, July 29, 2005

Can we stop abortion with...

Can we stop abortion with phone calls and emails?

I've been asked this a few times. Here are a couple of the messages I have received and my answer to them:

I appreciate your efforts to stop abortion. Given the fact that the Supreme Court has more than its share of power, how do you plan to significantly affect public policy by calling elected officials? Don't government leaders tend to allow polling data rather than constituent
calls determine which issues they can safely (politically speaking) ignore and which they can safely tackle?


Abortion is being promoted by Big Money--Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations and their allies in media and Government.

Do you really think you will overcome these forces by simply contacting your representatives?


I believe the only way we will significantly affect change in this country is by standing up and speaking out for what is right. The Monthly Call for Life can be a conduit for all of us who want to end abortion. The first step is to drown the switchboards and fill up the email boxes of our representatives once a month.

As it is, there are hundreds of thousands of us marching for Life all year long in America, but we gets less news then a Panda being born at the D.C. Zoo.

I'm not denying the methods that others are using to end abortion, I'm proposing we all join together, once a month in unity to let our voices be heard.

I am only seeking those who want to speak out to end abortion. Through our continuous, determined and united voices, our representatives in all branches of government will realize it is time to end this crime against unborn people.

You are right about the Supreme Court, but the only way we can influence them is if we support our representatives' efforts to end abortion. When the three branches of government hear our calls they will turn their heads and know it's time.

There are thousands and thousands of proLife organizations and millions of proLife Americans. If we speak together and vote together the media might turn their cameras away from the Pandas.

Go to and see how you can make a difference right now.
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