Join The Monthly Call For Life: Diminishing Returns

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Diminishing Returns

The law of diminishing returns states:

"if one factor of production is increased while the others remain constant, the overall returns will relatively decrease after a certain point"

If proLife organizations continue to expend their efforts on trying to change the hearts and minds of the public, they are wasting their money. Anyone who doesn't know that abortion is murder by now is just fooling themselves and will ignore messages to the contrary. I know there are a few who can be reached with these messages, but they are too few.

I'm not saying you should stop what you are doing, after all, information still has to be made available. I'm suggesting that you redirect your efforts by a percentage to pursue the goal of ending abortion.

There are plenty of people in this country who believe abortion is wrong and we need to encourage these individuals to take action. Once a month our voices will get louder and louder and our government will know that America is ready to change the abortion law.

It is through action, not education that abortion laws will change. Our children need to be educated that abortion and embryonic stem cell research kills human beings and that they are wrong. Adults need to be encouraged to become active in stopping these inhumane acts.

Please spend money on efforts to end abortion. Is this not our goal after all? We have been trying to educate the public for 43 years and almost 50 million human beings have died.

Join the annual March for Life and encourage others to March Together for life.
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