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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Who will end abortion?

Did you ever notice how many people say that a nominee for the Supreme Court should not be a radical, extremist right-winger? What is the core of this statement? Does the Democrat party believe a conservative will take food away from the poor, allow corporations to pollute the air and kill their employees and finally bring big brother down on all of us?


There is only one word that is at the middle of this. It is the word that has been the core of our country's ills for 30 years.


Democrats know their base relies on them protecting Roe vs. Wade. This is why Democrats vote for abortion issues, including partial birth abortion almost 90% of the time.

This is not an anti-Democrat rant. I am only trying to point out how the number one issue which the Democrats are going to use to oppose any Supreme Court nominee by President Bush is abortion. They will try to make the case that President Bush doesn't respect the laws of our land and will be trying to change them by submitting a candidate who was against the "right to privacy" ruling which gave women permission to kill their children in the womb.

Let's remember one thing folks, the "right to privacy" in no way implies a right to kill our children. They made it up. They made up this absurd connection in order to make legal the most horrible crime in all of humanity, the crime of murdering the undesired.

> Too poor? Kill the child
> Too busy? Kill the child
> In college? Kill the child
> Overpopulation? Kill the child
> Might be deformed? Kill the child

Democrats and proAbortion advocates pretend they are pursuing every persons right to "choice", but their choice is death. This is what they mean by choice. We choose Life, they say they want a what would be the alternative to choice/Life?

Death of course.

Pro choicers only want the death of our children if a woman for some reason doesn't want to carry the child to term. Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood do not provide any kind of family planning counseling. They don't make their money doing that, they make their money providing abortions. So what do you think they are going to sell a woman when she walks in the door?

Abortion of course. If your product is a way to kill flowers you wouldn't sell a way to grow them would you?

In the case of Planned Parenthood the opposite is true though. They sell the concept of condoms and birth control to America, probably receiving funding from individuals and organizations who make those products. As I mention below, condoms have a success rate of 10%. Let's work with some really conservative numbers here.

If there are 5 million people having sex just once in a year with a condom, 500,000 of those individuals will have an "oops". Since the current rate of abortion in the United States is about 1 million a year, wouldn't it be safe to say many of those abortions are coming from condom and birth control failures? Let's say it's just only half of the yearly abortions are the result of a condom or birth control failure.

500,000 abortions times $500.00 per abortion is 25 million dollars a year. Isn't that an incentive to promote sex in our population? Wouldn't you agree that this amount of money would pay for quite a few lobbyists, salespeople and commercials?

Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills are making over 50 million dollars a year killing human beings.

Remember, Planned Parenthood does one thing for a living.


With the obvious out of the way, I will make the case it is only through united determination and action that we will end abortion.

The Law
Abortion has been the law for over 30 years and up to 50 million human beings have
been killed. There are millions of us who believe abortion is wrong, but when was the last time you saw a proLife march on TV? Don't you believe they happen? There are thousands of marches at clinics and hospitals every year yet you will never see one.

The Media
The media is against Life. They believe anyone who is proLife is a wide-eyed wacko and they will only report the occasional proLifer who loses it and bombs a clinic or kills an abortion doctor.

Did you ever see the annual March for Life in Washington? Hundreds of thousands gather every year to protest Roe vs. Wade. Isn't that news worthy? Nope, they only ask the few antiLife people who show up what they think about all these people gathering to try and take away their right to abortion.

The Government
Most Republicans and a few Democrats are for Life, but it is too hard to push through real legislation. Parental notification laws still aren't in place, so your 13 year old daughter can go to the nearest abortion mill without you knowing. Partial birth laws still aren't in place so a child at 9 months can be partially removed from the womb, the skull crushed and then pulled out, in pieces if necessary.

Unfortunately society is out to lunch on this issue. Educators aren't allowed to teach abstinence yet they teach how to put condoms on bananas. They aren't allowed to inform parents of child pregnancy but they can give a map to the nearest abortion clinic or hospital. TV, the media, the schools and many peers speak the words "safe sex" and don't tell the truth or aren't aware of the fact that there is no such thing.

Planned Parenthood states on their web site that condoms are only 10% effective.

One in 10 sex acts could result in a pregnancy.

Also, STDs are at an all time high due to the "safe sex" condom myth.

Why do schools allow Planned Parenthood to promote "safe sex" but they are not allowed to promote abstinence? Why do schools allow in a business whos profits rely on our children killing their children?

The president
President Bush seems like a proLife man, but he makes conflicting statements and decisions.

In an interview with Brit Hume from Fox News, Brit asked:

Hume: "Yesterday your nominee for attorney general said that he considered Roe v. Wade - the governing law on abortion in the country - settled law, and said he nor would you be seeking a opportunity to change that. Do you agree with that? "

His response was:
Bush: "Well what I think that he was saying - I don't want to put words in the man's mouth - is that he wants to uphold the law"

There was a little more to interview which you can read if you wish, but the point is he didn't flat out disagree with the statement made by Ashcroft. I don't know about you, but if someone said "he nor would you be seeking a opportunity to change that" I would speak for myself.

Then Hume asked:
Hume: "Now, should the opportunity arise, perhaps with new members of the Supreme Court, or a particularly strong case that comes along, or that you see as a strong case, would you then seek an opportunity before the Supreme Court to get that decision reversed or at least changed?"

To which Bush answered:

Bush: "Well, I don't see the law being changed unless the Supreme Court were to make a decision to change the law. I mean, for example, I don't think we're going to get a Constitutional amendment passed - that's for certain. "

I'm glad he understands this point. This is the only way the abortion law hidden under "right to privacy" is going to change. The Supreme Court "created" a law in 1973 and only the Supreme Court can undo this mistake.

"America is not ready to overturn Roe v. Wade because America's hearts are not right." The Associated Press"

I never did like that comment. It was a bad signal to send to America.

He states he wants to "ban partial-birth abortions, and reduce abortions overall".

I don't like that one either. Why only ban partial-birth abortions but not abortions in general? Doesn't he believe banning abortion would "reduce" abortions?

There are plenty of quotes where President Bush speaks for the "culture of life" and others where he doesn't think the law is going to change and he would not support an amendment to do so. He also stated that having a proLife point of view was not necessary for his nomination to the Supreme Court and he doesn't believe in such a "Litmus Test".

I do believe a conservative has a right to ask the important abortion question and a conservative president has the right to expect his nominee be a proLife individual.

Democrats certainly expect their nominees to support abortion and would expect their nominees to support abortion, so it is unreasonable for them to demand that Republicans not use this topic as a litmus test.

When President Bush first took office he was immediately challenged with a proLife issue. He both failed and passed this test. I believe it was his lack of understanding which caused this though. He was presented with the issue of Federally funded stem cell research. Instead of saying no, he played the middle of the road.

What you read in his speech is he talks about the "great promise" of embryonic stem cell research. There has never been one single scientific shred of proof supporting this statement. Four years later there still hasn't been one example of the proof of the promise of stem cell research though many are spending plenty of money on it.

Here is where the speech went crazy:

"As a result of private research, more than 60 genetically diverse stem cell lines already exist. They were created from embryos that have already been destroyed, and they have the ability to regenerate themselves indefinitely, creating ongoing opportunities for research. I have concluded that we should allow federal funds to be used for research on these existing stem cell lines, where the life and death decision has already been made. "

So we should have used the knowledge gained from Nazi human experimentation and research?

The world decided against doing so because the knowledge was gained from hurting or killing innocent life in order to benefit mankind.

President Bush proudly proclaimed that he is the first president to fund stem cell research.

Bad move.

By not coming out forcefully against such research and pushing for an end to it, many states are now funding it themselves. California has granted 4 billion dollars to stem cell research and other states are joining in.

Our president, our congress and many of our countrymen will not speak up forcefully to end abortion and stem cell research.

It is up to us, citizens of the United States and the world to do so.

Now is the time for us to speak up. We need to call and/or email our representatives and abortion clinics to tell them that we are ready for this to end.

That is what the Monthly Call for Life at proposes that we do. Every month we are challenged to call and/or email our representatives and abortion clinics until abortion is made illegal.

If you are strongly against abortion, take action! Don't wait for others to do it for you.

Who will end abortion?

We will!

You cannot expect someone else to do this for you. Don't wait for the President, the Supreme Court, Congress or anything else to happen to end abortion. You do something about it.


If you don't do anything, you haven't the right to say that it is wrong. If you don't do anything, you are contributing to this crime against humanity. It is the same as watching someone get killed right in front of your eyes and walking away without helping or calling for help.

ProLifers of the world, unite and let your voices be heard, every month until the killing stops!

Was this message too strong for you? Over 4,000 people died today because you didn't speak up.

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