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Monday, October 10, 2005

October March at the Supreme Court

Thanks to all of you proLifers who participated in the October Monthly Call for Life at We will end abortion through our proLife unity, our voices, our emails and our feet on the ground!

My wife and I kicked off the first "boots on the ground" part of the Monthly March for Life. We marched in support of Life at the Supreme Court on Friday. Okay, It's not really marching, we stand there for a couple of hours talking with people about the proLife movement and hold up our Monthly March for Life signs.

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This part of the Monthly March for Life at is new but is just as important as our other efforts which combine to give united proLifers around the world the oppportunity to speak out with one common message, namely end abortion now!

We unite monthly to email, fax, write, call or March for Life. You choose what you would like to do, as long as you do something to help. We march at the government buildings of our choice from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm to let the world know we are getting stronger in our message to end abortion, not weaker!

Friday and Saturday were the two rainiest days in 30 years here in the Washington area, but we knew we had to march for those who couldn't march for themselves. The civil rights movement was represented by people like Martin Luther King Jr. and others, but the babies in the womb only have us. Obviously they can't march for themselves.

We arrived at the Supreme Court at around noon and got a parking place right next to it. A short time after we were on site with our signs, some girls came up to us and starting talking about their project. Their group, Bound4Life at believes that "The only way abortion will be stopped in America is to mobilize massive prayer, voting, and activism that will strike down legalized abortion and bring compassion and justice to the orphan and the widow."

Their spokesperson Bethany said that they meet every day for one hour from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. We certainly agree that to end abortion action is needed as well as prayer. She also said that the age range of their group is 17 - 27.

If you like their method of Pro-Life activism don't hesitate to join them, but please also consider joining us in our united Monthly Call for Life at

We were excited to see other proLife people at the Supreme Court! I know there are many people and organizations around the country who are active, like Bound4Life, Choose Life and the many others we link to at It is great to see the Pro Life movement growing in so many different ways.

We at MarchTogether seek to unite all of us Pro Life individuals and organizations under one banner once a month for the common cause of ending abortion. March Together does not seek funds through the web site and does not approach anyone from other proLife movements for funds. We don't seek access to or desire control of your mailing lists either. We only ask that you and your supporters join us once a month in our Call for Life at ttp://

I give my gratitude and prayers to all of you who are already involved in the movement to save the 4,000 human beings who are killed every day. To those of you who haven't gotten involved yet, we need your help. Your silence is part of the reason why so many people are killed by abortion. I know it is a harsh statement, but is it not true? If you disagree with abortion but do nothing to stop it you are supporting the proAbortion movement.

Speak up and speak out against abortion!

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