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Monday, October 03, 2005

Churches and Morality

I want you to look at your clock and see how long it takes you to read this the second, not just by the minute.

Let's take a trip back 50 years to a time of racism in America. Blacks and whites were separated in the schools, bathrooms, swimming pools and buses. Blacks were considered second class citizens by many whites in America and slavery ended not long ago. There weren't many blacks in higher positions of employment and certainly not many who were business owners or entrepreneurs.

So what does this have to do with abortion?

The connection here is the attitude toward blacks back then, and children in the womb now. Specifically I am referring to the attitude towards both from members of the church and also by the church itself.

I'm sure there were churches and members of those churches who spoke out against racism, but I'm also sure there were many of them who just kept quiet. I'm sure many churches and people in those churches just wanted to keep out of the politics of division. The topic of racism was probably uncomfortable and avoided.

This is identical to the issue of abortion today. Churches and people in the churches are afraid of the topic or aren't interested in it. Many who go to church even support abortion.

I'm sure there are many reasons for church silence. One of them might be that there are so many who have been directly and indirectly affected by it. I believe one big reason churches are silent on the topic of abortion is because they know they will lose customers...I mean parishioners, which of course will mean less money.

America is a "big-tent", we shouldn't expect our churches to be one too. Our churches should have standards of conduct and morality and parishioners should be expected to live up to those standards. Nobody is perfect but outright evil should be denied permission or challenged, and abortion is as evil as it gets, and that's not just my opinion.

This should be an issue of quality, not quantity. People should be challenged to become more moral every day. Churches should challenge those who are openly immoral instead of hoping that someday they might change. Waiting for proAbortion people and other people who are immoral to change, is like asking an alcoholic to change for you. It will very rarely happen. As anyone who has been around alcoholism knows, an alcoholic will change when the alcoholic wants to! Likewise, an immoral person will change when he/she wants to. I know Christ is for all of us. Every man, woman and child on this planet has God's grace, if they want it. Many don't, and they will impose their immorality on us unless we defend ourselves from them.

We should learn from the Europeans what will happen when we allow secular humanism to take over. Ministers are thrown in jail for committing hate crimes now. What is their crime? They quote from the Bible that homosexuality is wrong. Polygamy is legal and men with multiple wives are granted civil unions. Humans who are aborted are sold by the state to be used for youth cream. The older the age in the womb the greater the fee earned, so if you kill your child at 9 months, perhaps the day before delivery, you get top dollar for that murder.

There are many secular humanists, atheists and those in church who don't believe in standards of morals and values. They are those who believe that God is for everyone no matter what you do. They believe you can do anything you want and in the end all you have to do is believe in God because he will forgive you.

Their secular teaching is already a reality in our schools. Our children learn about evolution instead of creationism and that homosexuality, transvestites and transsexuals are a normal process of human existence. Schools and Planned Parenthood hand out condoms and birth control, paid for by U.S. tax dollars, to our children, without our permission, without our knowledge. They direct our children to abortion facilities when they become pregnant, without our permission, without our knowledge and because of the failure of their "educational" and "birth control" methods.

I had to leave the last men's group I was in because they had a policy against discussing abortion. They said "topics like abortion" but none others were mentioned. I was told that people would come into prayer groups with "agendas" and they were not going to allow that. I also was told by one individual that whenever I started to talk, he would fear the possible discussion of abortion and when I did speak about the topic he would wince.

I have also encountered people in churches who were uncomfortable discussing the topic of abortion. Let's face it, abortion is an uncomfortable topic. Killing people in the womb out of convenience can't possibly be a good bedtime story for our children!

It is not moral for people of religion to turn their backs on abortion. Ministers need to make a statement of condemnation against abortion. Members of the church need to be challenged to speak up to our government and demand an end to abortion. The murder of generations of God's children has gone on for too long! You need to speak to your minister if he is silent on the topic of abortion. If he won't deal with the topic, challenge the church board. If they won't deal with the topic, leave the church and encourage as many as you can to do the same.

You can't have a good conscience by staying in a church who won't speak out against abortion.

Men and women are behaving like ancient Romans or the Nazis from not too long ago, allowing the murder of innocents to occur in their midst without speaking up.

Thirty two years and over 40 million dead later and all we have is silence in many of our churches. Not only should a church require that members have a Pro Life alignment, the church itself should demand participation in the Pro Life movement.

Challenge your church to speak up against abortion and defend human right to Life. Don't sit quietly in church, homegroups or prayer meetings. If you are Pro-Life and you sit in silence it will and should eat you up.

At least people, blacks, whites and others, marched together for civil rights in the 60s. Our unborn wouldn't have anyone if it weren't for proLife people marching for them. It's not as if babies in the womb can link arms in solidarity and demand an end to abortion!

At the very minimum you should speak about abortion in your homegroups and other church events, and you should participate and challenge others to participate in the Monthly Call for Life at

I know it is a sensitive topic, but 4,000 people die every day because they are killed by abortion. We need to be bold not quiet. We need to be brave and sensitive, not just sensitive.

Here is what your church can do to help end abortion.

1) Your minister should release a statement Every month, on the Sunday before the Monthly Call for Life, which takes place on the first Friday of the month. It is not too much to ask that 5 minutes be devoted to ending abortion at the beginning of church services once a month.

a> A Call for Life reminder should be issued, asking members of the church to join in the Call for Life and also participate in the Monthly March.

b> The minister can ask the members of the church to create or join a "God's Children" group which is described below.

c> Pray for the need to save God's children from death.

2) Each church should establish a group of proLife members called God's Children. Its' dual meaning implies that we are God's Children and that we are also saving God's children. These groups will also help spread the word of the God's Children project to other churches around the country. Any church not in the online database of participating churches should be contacted.

3) Provide assistance as needed so that the God's Children group will have the ability to get to a local government office in order to protest for two hours. A separate fund should be set up for the needs of God's Children.

Even if your church is already involved in a proLife effort we should unite in our message once a month. You can still join us in the Monthly Call for Life and perhaps even for the Monthly March for Life.

We are not Nazis. We are not Germans who don't speak out against the Nazi party out of fear. We are Americans who believe in "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness"!

Without the first one you can't have the 2nd two.

Do something all the time to help end abortion. Don't sit in silence another day. Even if you are already involved in a proLife movement, do just a little more to help end the murder of your brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and neighbors.

How much is too much? You decide.

Look at the clock. How long did it take you to read this article? A human being is killed by abortion every 30 seconds in the United States. How many died while you read this article? The reality of abortion is mind-numbing and the number of deaths per year is staggering, still reaching well over a million.

Join us, pass it on, help everywhere you can and encourage others to do the same.
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