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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Miers Nomination

The Strata-Sphere brings up the issue of the Miers nomination from the perspective that anyone who opposes her must be stuck on a "pet issue" or maybe because we believe we are smarter than President Bush.
Actually from all appearances she seems to have a proLife view, which happens to be my "pet issue", but Miers doesn't have one percent of the qualifications necessary to sit on the United States Supreme Court.

Nominating her to this position, one of the highest honors in America, based on her friendship with the president shows that President Bush is acting as dictator of America, not as an elected representative.

Judges who deserve nomination to the Supreme Court are those who work, appropriately enough, as judges in real courts somewhere in America. They usually work there for many years, building the experience necessary for a position such as Supreme Court Justice. Just because you are the pal of a president doesn't mean you have the credentials for one of the highest legal positions in the land.

This insult to American conservative judges is outrageous. Nominating "stealth" individuals will cause our conservative judicial representatives to go underground for fear of being labeled too conservative.

On the other hand, liberal judges wear their policies on their shirt sleeves with honor. Ruth Ginsberg proudly proclaimed her support for a "woman's right to choose" and many other liberal issues and was approved without a problem.

The Republican base is conservative. President Bush is not. He is succeeding in fracturing a party which has enjoyed a large number of political gains in a short amount of time.

I will continue to vote Republican because the alternative parties do not come close to representing what I believe.

Regardless of who is in office, join us in the Monthly March for Life at We do everything we can to get proLife representatives into office, but we have to take the next step and demand that they end abortion. It shouldn't matter who is in office anyway, abortion is murder and we have to do everything possible to stop it!
The next Call for Life day is tomorrow, Friday the 7th of October. Go to and join us. It only takes 15 minutes of your time and it will help save millions of lives.
This Friday is the first Monthly March for Life as well. Click on the March for Life link to get more information on that.
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