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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Litmus Test

Why is abortion the hot topic of politics almost 33 years after Roe v. Wade? Why does it seem to dominate almost every single election and political race? Why is it that Democrats primarily object to Republican nominees for the Supreme Court for that reason?

Some might argue it is because there are money people behind each side and they are controlling the puppet strings behind the parties.

I say it is more than that. I believe abortion is still the biggest topic for a very good reason, because we know it is killing human beings.

"We" as in most Americans that is. Most Democrats believe that it is their right to kill human beings if there is a good reason to do it.

I have angered Republicans by pointing out that many Republicans in office feel the same way but hide under a cloak of "Pro-Life speak" and token Pro-Life votes. If you asked them if they would overturn Roe v. Wade many in office would say no. They will do everything possible right up to that point and then stop.

So what do you want? Don't get mad at me for quoting Republicans and pointing out their limited Pro-Life stance. What do you want? If we want to end abortion we have to keep the pressure on all representatives in office, all the time. It's not enough to simply ask "are you Pro-Life" anymore since too many people believe that abortion is Pro-Life, or that simply voting to drug a child before ripping it to shreds in the womb is all it takes. I believe the question should be "will you do your best to end abortion". No more "stealth" nominees and no more games.

Are there enough solid Pro-Lifers out there to make a difference? We will never know if we don't try will we? At we are uniting solid Pro-Life individuals and organizations who know it is time to end abortion and who are willing to speak out for the unborn, who are silenced at a rate of 1 every 30 seconds.

There are over 1.3 million abortions a year and everyone knows that over 95% of these are because of birth control, not "woman's health issues" or something like that.

If we didn't know it was killing human beings we would have dumped this topic years ago. It's not simply a "moral" issue, it's a life issue and many people instinctively know that killing another person out of convenience is not a good thing.

As we prepare for the battle for the Supreme Court, think about where you stand on this issue. If you are against the murder of 4,000 innocent unborn human beings a day then do everything you can to help stop the madness.

Unite with us in the Monthly March for Life at We call, email and/or march to let our representatives know that abortion is wrong and that we will only get louder until they end it. Join us even if you are already involved in a Pro-Life movement. The purpose of is to unite all individuals and organizations once a month in a united message.

The topic of abortion is not just a litmus test for politicians, it is also a litmus test for us to decide how much we will do for the 4,000 unborn human beings who die every day.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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