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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Help June Maxam's Father

The editor of North County Gazette, and co-publisher of The Empire Journal is asking for help. posted her email which reads:

My father is currently a resident at the Eden Park Nursing Home in Glens Falls. According to the nursing home, he suffered a massive stroke yesterday morning. They claim they found him that way when they got him up yesterday morning. Why no one checked on him during the night is unknown. They currently have him on morphine and I don't know what other drugs. They have him totally drugged---they claim he is unresponsive---that's because they have him drugged. The person I spoke with and I'm not sure what her capacity was supposed to be, said he couldn't swallow. That is untrue. I watched him. He was routinely swallowing his own saliva. She told me that he would be transferred to a hospice, nothing would be given him and it "wouldn't be long", in other words, they have every intent of starving and dehydrating him without making any effort of recovery. They never transported him to the hospital, therefore no tests have been done to determine just how "massive" this stroke is if indeed he has had a stroke at all. They have done nothing for him. I last saw him yesterday afternoon.

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Do you agree that June's father should suffer the same fate as Terri Schiavo?

If not, call the Eden Park Health Care Center in Glens Falls at 518-793-5163 or send a fax to 518-793-5165. Tell them not to kill June's father by starvation and dehydration.
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