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Friday, November 18, 2005

Deal with the devil

Since I am Jewish and also a Christian I look at news and subscribe to newsletters from both religions. I recently received a notice from that the ARMDI (American Friends of Magen David Adom) was going to welcome Hillary Rodham Clinton "On the occasion of her historic visit to Jerusalem's regional MDA center".

ARMDI Website

I wrote with this comment:


My name is Peter and I am the founder of the Pro-Life site I find it stunning that Jewish people welcome a woman who is an ardent abortion supporter. Though she pretends to be Pro-Life in some ways, she would never support a ban on abortion.

My mother's family, who were Jewish, were all killed by people who believed that those who were undesired, different or weaker should be eliminated.

Abortion is no different.

The Democrat party is the new Nazi party in my eyes.

Jewish people ought to be ashamed of themselves for supporting a political party of death.



A person from responded and told me that my letter was going to be in the next issue of the JewishTimes.

Today, no letter. I asked why. The response I got was that they could't reprint my letter because as a 501(c)3 organization they couldn't make statements regarding political figures.

This was my response to them:

Let me get this straight, you can make political statements via email to your email list proclaiming a welcome message to a politician like Hillary Clinton who supports abortion, but you cannot print an opinion which opposes this embracing of someone who supports abortion, a procedure which takes the lives of over 1 million Americans a year?

I believe the 501(c)3 status holds religious entities hostage so they won't announce their moral views regarding political issues and representatives. Churches and synagogues accept the bribe of the government to keep quite so as not to affect elections.

Or do they? Bill Clinton and other Democrats regularly preach their political agenda in Christian churches. They openly chastise Republicans and Republican policies and promote their agendas and policies to parishioners with church leaders clapping their hands while shouting hallelujah!

Planned Parenthood and other 501(c)3 organizations who support Democrats contribute to and also regularly come out in favor of Democrats, and in opposition to Republicans.

In my opinion, no church or synagogue should make a deal with a government in exchange for their silence on moral issues, especially those as important as abortion. This is tantamount to making a deal with the devil.

I thought we learned something from the times of Hitler. I guess I was wrong.

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