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Friday, December 30, 2005

Abortion won't end if...

...we make it illegal.

This is a point that often comes up and one that I have written about a few times.

This is a point that often comes up, and one that I have written about a few times. I always say that this is not the point and we shouldn't try to make it the point.

Murder is wrong and it doesn't stop just because it is illegal right? How about stealing? Laws are there to help us understand and teach right from wrong. Laws give us moral borders of understanding and sharing this world with other human beings. Unless we have laws, morality is worthless.

You'll have to excuse me for bringing in the Ten Commandments, but they help make my argument. The first 4 are directly related to how we should respect God. The rest of them tell us things we should do for ourselves.

> Honor thy Father and thy Mother
> Thou shalt not kill
> Thou shalt not commit adultery
> Thou shalt not steal
> Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor
> Thou shalt not covet

How many of these are laws in America? The middle 4 could land you in jail or in a lawsuit right? Why bother with those laws? Aren't they "God's" laws?

I know we have to deal with the "hearts and minds" of people as far as abortion is concerned, but we don't keep abortion legal while we're doing that do we? If so, then let's make murder, adultery, stealing and everything else legal.

Some say that we people of faith need to teach our children right from wrong, and that our children should learn right from wrong, regardless of what our society is doing/teaching. I agree, but if you don't have a system of laws in society you can expect to be robbed, hurt and/or killed.

Example - Pagans, witches and devil worshippers have rituals and practices that you can't even imagine. Have you ever heard of voodoo? Human sacrifices and other horrible acts are still practiced around the world. Here is a simple "voodoo spell" I found when looking up pagan rituals:

"Wreck vengeance on the person who has wronged you, allowing them little sleep, implanting fear of you in their mind, bringing peace and respect back into your life."
Human sacrifice continues around the world and I'm sure it would be much more prevalent if it weren't for laws forbidding the practice.

"For the magic to work, the killing had to be done just right. If the goddess were to grant Khudu Karmakar the awesome powers he expected from a virgin's death, the victim had to be willing, had to know what was happening, watch the knife, and not stop it. But even tranquilizers couldn't lull 15-year-old Manju Kumari to her fate. In his police confession, Karmakar says his wife, daughter and three accomplices had to gag Manju and pin her down on the earthen floor before the shrine. In ritual order, Karmakar wafted incense over her, tore off her blue skirt and pink T shirt, shaved her, sprinkled her with holy water from the Ganges and rubbed her with cooking fat. Then chanting mantras to the "mother" goddess Kali, he sawed off Manju's hands, breasts and left foot, placing the body parts in front of a photograph of a blood-soaked Kali idol. Police say the arcs of blood on the walls suggest Manju bled to death in minutes."
Time Article

So many people assume that if we don't have Judeo/Christian morals we will have neutrality. I guarantee you that is far from true.

People must be taught that abortion is murder, but they won't believe you as long as it is legal!

We must make abortion illegal and we must figure out ways to help women understand that killing their children is not a good thing to do.

Join us in the Monthly March for Life at We email, call and/or march to let our representatives know that we want them to make abortion illegal. Through Pro-Life unity we will get louder and louder until the media no longer is able to keep us quiet.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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