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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Post on SCNT Research

I have had a back & forth on SCNT with Ray for a few days now & I have presented both sides of the story. I understand why a person would want to believe SCNT doesn't harm anyone, but it comes down to a fundamental difference between us.

Here are latest reponses from Ray:

Dear "Pro-Life Guy": If you google me (rayilynlee) you will learn I have been writing about SCNT for almost 5 years. When I last looked there were 7 pages of references, one a 'Crime Against Humanity"which I will forward you if the page is not available, it is old and was a column in The Californian, North County Times

Meanwhile, University of Louisville scientists have developed VELs or embryo-like cells from bone marrow This will probably still not satisfy opponents of hESCR because the cells are "embryo-like". By the way, the blastocysts under discussion are microscopic, 4-5 day old undifferentiated 128 cells that are pluripotent, meaning they can become anything, unlike adult stem cells which are already differentiated. Cord blood is only useful for blood disorders. Scientists also think SCNT would avoid the organ rejection problem since they consists of the patient's own cells. Plus we need to study how cells behave, not people, to learn the causes of diseases.

And finally:

I really thought you were open to education, but this section was really offensive:

"You are right. Scientists should not be doing "God's work". Godless people will look to man for solutions. These scientists might help people live a little bit longer, with less pain, but in the end, they can't give us everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven. This extreme evil that is going on in the labs of America today is an example of man gone wild. We are living in the culture of "The Lord of the Flies", and soon, people who speak out against this evil will be rounded up and locked away for "hate crimes" for doing so."

You well people think we who suffer just don't want to die. There is such a thing as quality of life which you take for granted. Some "pro-lifers" believe it should be included as a right. If you couldn't move, talk, speak

Some people don't believe there is a Kingdom of Heaven, some don't know, and those who make such claims do so on faith, not fact.

Ray, I appreciate the fact that you didn't foam at the mouth and attack me constantly. As a matter of fact, I referred to your way of thinking as "evil" probably more than you did me.


You had to prove me wrong didn't you? I just got the rest of your latest email to me. This is exactly what I am talking about folks. If we don't stand up to these people and stop them from taking over our country we will be in jail for speaking out against them.

In a world ruled by reason, you would be in a mental institution. You Christo-Fascists are cruel, dangerous and a bunch of Neanderthals.

You well people think we who suffer just don't want to die. There is such a thing as quality of life which you take for granted. Somewhere in a compartment of your head are the suffering millions you write off.

Waiting for God would put us back in the Stone Age. Is that what you want" What about God's boo-boos, like the baby born in India with an extra head - it died. Life is very, very unfair, and it is up to us to change that as much as possible.

Some people don't believe there is an everlasting life in a Kingdom of Heaven, some don't know, and those who make such claims do so on faith, not fact. There are many faiths and unbelievers and tolerance is a virtue, not an evil.

I am glad to learn that you oppose IVF We don't need more people. That is consistency. But your will to power over other people's lives is pathological.

It comes down to this:

> I don't believe Homosexuals should have artificially created children
> I believe stem cell research kills human beings, and to do so in order to benefit another human being is murder
> I believe abortion is murder
> I believe a baby in the womb is a unique human being and has his/her own DNA to prove my point
> I believe in Heaven, yes, on faith

Most importantly, I believe scientists have lost their minds and morals and we are all in danger of falling victim to their next experiment "for the greater good of mankind".

The Nazis did exactly that & we still don't consider them humanitarians 60 years later.

I wish you the best & will pray for you and others like you. I don't hate you, it would be wrong of me to do so. I just disagree with you and others who want to make laws allowing this kind of research.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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