Join The Monthly Call For Life: Judie Brown from American Life League Inc. Interview

Friday, December 16, 2005

Judie Brown from American Life League Inc. Interview

Judie Brown is the President of the American Life League Inc. and is the first person we interviewed in our new category "Pro-Life Blogger Interviews.

The power of God is working through all of us in our cause to save His children / our children. I know that legally ending abortion alone is not the final answer, and I know there are many other pieces to the Pro-Life puzzle. Fortunately we are diverse in our efforts and through our different missions we help put together the puzzle one piece at a time.

Q - What is your Pro-Life project/blog to help end abortion? (brief bio)

A - Our focus in the struggle to end abortion is based on the proposition that the average person must see the baby as a fellow human being and thus understand that an act of abortion is an act of murder. The reason we follow this course of thinking, which is of course quite logical, goes back to 1970 when my husband and I first heard that abortion was being practiced. The priest, in his homily that Sunday, told the congregation that every abortion is an act of murder and must never be tolerated in law or society.

Q - How and when did you become involved in the proLife movement, and did something happen to you or someone you know which helped you recognize that abortion is wrong?

A - It was that sermon that propelled my husband and I, and our then six month old son, into the battle to stop abortion. We knew we had to act and the priest defined how, which in this particular case was going door to door, handing out educational brochures, and telling our neighbors why they had to vote 'no' on a proposed ballot measure.

Q - Do you believe all abortions are wrong? (Explain)

A - We know that each abortion kills a fellow human being, and thus it would be illogical to argue that some abortions are acceptable while others are not. This is why we oppose all those suggested laws that contain exceptions for certain abortion such as rape, incest or life of the mother.

Q - How does God fit in your project?

A - God is the Author of life, and it is His grace that invites each of us to become deeply committed to His babies and strive to end this scourge of abortion. Without God there would be no inspiration, and certainly no strength to persist in this effort.

Q - Where do you see the Pro-Life movement headed?

A - The pro-life movement simply has to get its act together and focus on the truth that every human being is equally valuable and must be protected in the law. If the movement continues to be Republican first, it is doomed to political failure.

Q - Do you believe we will end abortion, and if so when? (Explain)

A - I believe that nobody beats God; I also believe in the inherent good that resides in the heart of man. And therefore I do believe aborting children will end one day though I cannot predict how or when God will bless our nation with that victory.

Q - What would you like to say to those who might share a common bond with your ideals and methods, and what can people who read this interview do to help your project and/or end abortion?

A - We are called to be faithful to God and His truth; we are not called to "win." Thus it is important for each of us to pray, to seek God's will in our lives and to always remember that without Him we can do nothing.

Those who wish to get involved with American Life league or to support our efforts financially, spiritually or with their time and effort are invited to simply contact me at

Q - Do you agree with embryonic stem cell research? What about birth-control?

A - Human embryonic stem cell research cannot be done without killing innocent human individuals; and thus we oppose it. We also oppose all forms of birth control because they are inherently evil in that they deny that God is the Author of life and the only One who should determine when a couple will or will not bear a child.

Q - What Blogs do you read?

A - I could not possibly list all the material and Internet conversations (blogs) that I read; a whole lot!

Q - What advice would you give to other bloggers who would like to expand their audience and influence of their weblog?

A - A weblog has to be informative and consistent; if those two qualities exist, it is my experience that more and more people will visit because everyone who has friends on an email list shares the good news about great blogs.
What is the focus of your pro-life blogging activities?
The focus of my blog is the news; what is ridiciulous, what is gruesome or what is simply unbelievable.

Q - Do you believe blogging is making a difference in the battle for the pre-born?

A - I think that every single thing we do makes a difference, and I do not think we can measure any of those activities. What we have to do is use the creative abilites God has given each of us to do our best in this battle. BLOGS are a boon to educating others.

Q - Have you heard of, a Pro-Life effort to unite all Pro-Life people once a month in order to send out a united message to our representatives to encourage them to end abortion?

A - Yes, I have heard of MARCH TOGETHER and I think it is an outstanding idea. The more we can get pro-lifers and those who should be with us united in speaking with one voice, frequently and effectively, the sooner we will end the killing of the innocent.

Final words
May the Lord bless each person who reads this interview with the insight and the desire to do preciselly what needs to be done to make that person part of the winning team: the PRO LIFE TEAM!

Thanks for the opportunity to do this. Judie Brown, President, American Life League Inc.
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