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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pro-Life News from overseas

Money Wasted in England

The United Kingdom (England) LifeLeague - Points to examples of how money spent on sex education, morning after pills, health "strategies" in England and Scotland has been wasted.

The Daily Mail shows how the abortion rate in England has shot up despite the government having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on sex education, and making condoms and the morning after pill more available.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Post Election - Pro-abortion Democrats flex their muscles reports that seven Democrats "have asked President Bush to rescind his appointment of Dr. Eric Keroack as the new head of the family planning programs at the health department".


Their reason for this request is because Dr. Keroack is the medical director for a Massachusetts crisis pregnancy center. Crisis pregnancy centers are run by Pro-Life advocates. The centers provide support and options for a pregnant mother other than killing her child.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

America watched South Dakota vote to kill American citizens

Do you realize the implications of the South Dakota vote on Referred Law 6? It was the first time in American history and perhaps the history of the world that a vote was taken that literally decided the fate of innocent human beings.

How many times have you heard people say "if we could take it out of the hands of the unelected judges, the American people would vote for life". Well, the time came, and did we vote for life? No. South Dakota condemned Americans to death. I want you people of South Dakota to look at every single statistic of human beings who have and who will be killed by abortion in your state because of your vote. Every time a person dies, I want you to remember, you voted for thier death.

Up until this point in America, Americans have had the luxury of hiding from the reality of abortion. We left if up to our political parties to do the dirty work for us. Democrats have been a solid pro-abortion party and many Republicans never really did much for the movement.

You don't agree with me? For twelve years the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, and what did they do? They almost passed the embryonic stem cell research bill, that's what they did. It took President Bush to use his first and only veto to stop their insanity. Okay, you throw the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act that President Bush signed at me.

Think about that one for a minute. Before that act was signed, babies were born "alive", even though "doctors" tried to kill them in the womb. Jill Stanek was a nurse who witnessed this horror first hand at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Her testimony helped end that insane practice, but obviously, abortion doctors didn't stop doing abortions, they just had to really make sure the babies were dead before they came out of the womb.

Add to this mess the fact that President Bush was the first president in history to sign legislation that would allow using killed human beings for research.

South Dakotans voted to condemn American citizens to death. America can no longer hide from the reality of abortion. The line has been crossed. A vote for LIFE was taken and the wrong button was pushed!

The Pro-Life community has to unite and send out a common message, One that says "if you are not Pro-Life, we will not vote for you". We must stop supporting candidates just because they have an "R" next to thier name.

What can we do?

1) We can contact our representatives every month on the first Friday. Go to for everything you need to know, such as who to call and what you might want to say. We should challenge Democrats, Independants and Republicans to defend LIFE.
2) Go to and watch what is happening on the front lines of the Pro-Life battle.
3) Go to ( and tune in to original Pro-Life broadcasting
4) Check out other Pro-Life efforts and help when possible
5) Check out The calendar will help you find Pro-Life efforts in your area and the action code will show you what items currently need your help.
6) Vote for and support Pro-Life candidates.

Don't let abortion become a voting issue. It is a LIFE issue! What do you think would have happened in the 60s if the civil rights movement was put to a vote?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rev. Patrick Mahoney at the Supreme Court November 7th

We have entered a new age in technology. Last night was the first live broadcast from and!

I interviewed Rev. Patrick Mahoney on the steps of the Supreme Court on the eve of the partial birth hearings. The broadcast was only in a small size, but that was only because we wanted to make sure it worked without a problem.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

November 3rd - Call for LIFE today!

Hello friends of the unborn, it's time to Call For Life!

Go to for everything you need, like who to contact and what you might want to say.

Call For Life TodayGo to where you will find everything you need to know to speak for the unborn today. This Call for Life only comes once a month, so don't miss your opportunity.

Why is this going to make a difference anyway?

Well, well, first of all, doing nothing gets us nothing. Second, all of us pro-life people can take a few minutes out of our day once a month on the first Friday to let our representatives know that they should do everything they can to stop abortion.

There are millions of us pieces of the pro-life puzzle working in our individual efforts around the country. Coming together and speaking as one on a regular basis unites and amplifies our message.

Our representatives need to hear from us frequently, otherwise they will start to think that they can get away with murder, like the embryonic stem cell research bill which was passed by the House and Senate, & was almost made into law in July, 2006. Thanks to President Bush, that was stopped by his first veto.

Call For Life Today!

Remember, the unborn only have us, and if we don't show up for them, they will die alone - The only nationwide monthly pro-life action call to action

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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