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Friday, May 16, 2008

Prayer and Action

How important is prayer and fasting?


How much more effective can prayer and fasting be when it is accompanied with action? More than you can imagine. I believe that prayer and fasting are necessary, but laws typically change when we reach out to our representatives to change them. It has been thirty five years since Roe vs Wade, and 50 million Americans have been murdered in the womb. It's time to end this, and God gave us voices and fingers for a reason. We can call and email/write/fax our representatives and let them know how we feel.

For those of you who are really into prayer and fasting, join the monthly Prayer Pivot every first Friday at Then, if you would like to take action, join the Monthly Call for Life on the same day at Then, get out to your local abortion mill on the first Saturday following the first Friday.

It's not just abortion we need to pray and take action with. People are encouraged to pray and fast for all topics for 24 hours around the world. Here are some of the other issues that need attention:

-- Genetic selection --

Minnesota and our Federal Government are pursuing the forced extraction of DNA from all newly born people in America. This information will be used in many ways, such as screening for health "defects", such as Down Syndrome. We all know what happens to 90% of the Down Syndrome children. They are with God because of their extermination. There is also talk of identifying "criminal" DNA, or other psychological defects. What do we think they will do to people who are found to be "defective"?

President Bush signed the Federal bill into law last month - Click here and here for more information.

One of the things the bill will provide is "`(D) the availability of Federal funding for newborn and child screening for heritable disorders including grants authorized under the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007; and `(E) other relevant information as determined appropriate by the Secretary."

-- Gender Selection --

People fly to America from around the world to kill their daughters. It is illegal in China, punishable by death there, and also illegal in India to scan for the presence of a female in the womb in order to kill her. Not so in America. Having an unwanted daughter? Head to your local murder mill and get rid of the little inconvenience.

-- Abortion or Pre-natal murder --

Obvious to us

-- Chimeras --

Albert Mohler points to this article by a pro-evolution left-winger at the Washington Post from last year about this topic

Click here for Albert's article

As Albert Mohler says, "We need a set of rules and policies in force right now -- before a mouse really does come up and ask for a cookie."

-- In vitro fertilization --

Human Life International pointed out today that "An astonishing 100,000 IVF pregnancy attempts are made annually in the United States alone, usually involving more than one embryo. The vast majority of such babies do not survive the unnatural thawing and implantation procedure. Currently in the USA 500,000 tiny children are in freezers awaiting eventual use, and 50,000 more join them each year. In Croatia, HLI's Dr. Antun Lisec claims that more babies die from the
"fertility industry" than by surgical abortion."

Not only that, but many of the IVF procedures result in "multiples", more than 1 baby as a result of implantation. When there are more than 2, a procedure known as selective reduction is recommended. Selective reduction is a fancy word that means kill. So if there are five babies, 3 are recommend for extermination, so as to increase the viability of the other two. "What will happen to the other three?" is a question expectant mothers and fathers ask. The answer given? "They will be absorbed by the body".

These are some examples of what I believe we have to pray and fast for every month. There are many others. Because the culture of death has been in power for so long, it will take determined action to stop them and turn the tide.

Yes, prayer is important, but action is too. Without action, the culture of death will continue its murderous rampage around the world. 10s of millions of people are killed by abortion alone globally every year. The scientific community is killing just as many or more.

Monthly Call for Life

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Friday, May 02, 2008

Pray at an abortion mill today - May 3rd

Pray For Life TodayJoin us today for the The Monthly Call for Life at Today is the first Saturday after the first Friday. Go to an abortion mill in your area and pray, stand with a sign, or whatever you want to peacefully do for a couple of hours. Click here if you want to print out flyers, Life Cards or the sign that we use.

No matter what, go to the abortion mill, even if all you do is stand there. Women drive by & see if there is a Pro-Life person standing there. If there is, some continue driving & don't come back.

Many of you said that it is difficult for you to participate in an outside event on Friday, so here is your chance! Go to & click on Calendar to find a picket or location to pray near you. If you want to start your own or are already picketing or praying at a location, email us at and we will post it on the calendar.

If you are in the Washington D.C. area you can join us in Falls Church, Virginia from 09:00 am to noon at 900 South Washington Street, or go to the many other abortion mills where people are praying.

Go to for up to date news on our events & to send information & pictures about your events.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Call for Life Today!

Friends of the unborn, it's the first Friday of the month and it's time for us to call and/or Email our representatives to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Think of it, a million unborn children stand a chance of living this year if we speak for them.

Go to for all you need to know, like who to contact and what you might want to say.

Remeber to click the "Tell a Friend" link in the middle of the page, & pass it on!


Abolish Abortion in '08!

Bold? Brash? Not possible?

If you believe these things, then I have to ask, how big is your God? - Click the "Abolish Abortion in '08" link


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Thank you all for doing what you can for the unborn. They only have us, and if we are silent, they die alone.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on
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