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Sunday, July 31, 2005


End abortion at

I often cite how Republicans vote 90% of the time for proLife issues and Democrats vote 90% against them, but the nomination of John Roberts is swinging Dems to the 100% level.

This is from "Letters" in todays Washington Times:

Friday's Page One article by Charles Hurt, "Senators demand Roe be upheld," provides readers with an inside look at just how fanatical the Democrats, in this case female Democratic senators, are in defending legalized abortion.

Mr. Hurt reports, "At a press conference yesterday, the women were asked whether any of them could vote in favor of Judge Roberts if he said Roe was wrongly decided. None spoke up. Mrs. Boxer said she would find it "impossible" to vote for him"

I don't know if all Democrat women were present, but I would be willing to guess that closer to 100% of Dems would vote against John Roberts if he came out and said abortion is wrong and it's time to do something about it.

Lately the Dems have been pushing forward those in their party whom they have completely disagreed with. Howard Dean even came out with a statement urging Dems to reach out to proLife voters. Of course Howard Dean isn't proLife and only makes statements such as these to garner votes.

Past statements of his include:

As a physician, I do not like the idea that Congress or the President think they should practice medicine. Abortion is a deeply personal decision which ought to be made between the patient, the family and physician. It's none of the government's business.


Q: Will you rollback Bush's restrictions on stem cell research?
A: Yes. The president's anti-science bias should not be permitted to deprive Americans with Parkinson's, diabetes, and other treatable diseases of the help that they need.

If John Roberts came out with a statement supporting Life you can bet almost all Dems would be screaming to deny him a position on the Supreme Court. Everyone knows that.

Why is it that a man can't come out and say that human Life is important? Why do our nominees have to hide from their desire to end the killing of innocent human beings?

Don't you think it's strange that if a man came out and said he would preserve the law in regards to Roe v. Wade he would be completely acceptable?
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