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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tap Dance for Life

For a long time we have seen 3-D ultrasounds of babies showing us that they do everything that adults do, like "smiling, yawning, scratching, crying, hiccuping and sucking".

The 4-D ultrasounds show us these things and more, in even greater detail, including "showing humans stretching, kicking and leaping at 12 weeks".

"But 77 percent of BMA members voted to continue aborting babies at 24 weeks"

This is what we're up against.

Scientists, doctors and educators don't care if they are human lives. To them they are just "fetuses" and fetuses alone. They indoctrinate us with this message throughout our learning years so that we develop a callousness against human life as well. They discourage the anti-abortion message in our schools. They discourage the proLife messages in our schools.

They actively promote the culture of death through our educational system. Our children get that message from the nurses, counselors and teachers with lessons on condoms, birth control, masturbation, sex and abortion. The education of abstinence and decency is shunned.

This is why I say we need to switch our message. We need to state we are going to end abortion, not that we are proLife. If you say to someone that you are proLife, they will say, "so am I". Of course you will then get into a debate. They will debate the life of the mother with the false debate that the mother's health is affected by the potential birth and life of the baby. They will say they support the life of mother who will be negatively affected if the baby is born.

Don't even go there.

The ultrasounds are a great tool. It is known that women who see ultrasounds will turn against abortion about 80% of the time. That is one heck of a statistic.

We aren't going to win the battle against abortion in this nation with that tool alone though. There are thousands of proLife organizations and millions of proLife people in this country. We can't expect the million + people who are killed through abortion every year to do the tap dance for Life and be given a reprieve. It is up to us to join forces and win the battle for their lives. We can only do that if we speak up against abortion and end it.

Abortion is a sin. The Christians in Germany sinned by watching the Jews being taken away and slaughtered. If you don't do anything to stop the murder of the most innocent, pre-born human beings, then you too are sinning. You are just as guilty of the murder of 4,000 human beings through abortion a day if you don't speak up to end it.

You can't hide from evil. It is all around you and you know it. Children are taken and raped and killed. Women are raped and killed. Innocent people everywhere are injured or killed. We want to live in our white houses with the picket fences with our two kids, two cars, a dog, a cat and live happily ever after.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is no such thing as living in a fairy tale. It is only a tale. We can find peace in God of course, but that doesn't mean we don't stand up against evil.

Take a stand. Stop hiding. Tell everyone you know to join the Monthly Call for Life at

I'm not telling you to stop doing everything you do in life. I'm only asking you to give a few minutes out of every month until we succeed in ending abortion.

If you believe in God then there is no reason you cannot believe that God wants abortion to end and for his children to allowed to come to him.

Email everyone you know and discuss ending abortion with anyone you can. You will see, God will create those openings for you.

God Bless You
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