Join The Monthly Call For Life: What God Wants Us To Do

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What God Wants Us To Do

I know not everyone shares my stance on abortion and if what I say offends you it is not intentional. I am only speaking my opinion and am proposing a solution to those who wish to participate.

My family and I formed in order to give all proLife individuals and organizations a place to turn to for our common goal of ending abortion.

We are definitely a grassroots operation as we are not funded by any corporation and have not received any funding. A few of us seeds have hit the ground and many more are sprouting every day. Thousands have come to check out what we have to say and to join the Monthly Call for Life.

Our goal is to end abortion through all the unified proLife voices of the United States and many others from around the world. Our operation relies on person to person communications and proLife organizations reaching out to all their proLife contacts.

In the beginning of the project we will unite once a month to call and/or email our representatives. As the project matures and when we have sufficient numbers, we will call once a week. We will see if we have to do it daily after that.

Abortion has been legal for 32 years in this country and over 46 million people have been killed. When people say "pro choice", this is the result of that choice. 4,000 killed every day. One killed every 24 seconds. There is no way to sugar coat these facts.

I'm not here to convince anyone that abortion is wrong, I'm here seeking those of you who know it is wrong and are ready to do something about it.

Many believe we will never change the abortion laws. Some ask us how calling our representatives will stop abortion. The main question people of faith have to ask is, don't you think God wants abortion to end? Don't you think he expects you to do something about it instead of just talking about how wrong it is?

God has been with me through many crisis and the one thing I have learned through all of them is that my faith has to remain strong and I have to stay determined and ready to do his will. Read tomorrows article where I will share a little bit of what has happened in my life and you might understand why I know that God is there when I look to him.

I call on proLife people to pray for courage, strength, determination and resolve that we will end abortion. Let's not leave out the most important thing the 4,000 children who might live tomorrow need from you...they need your action, not your silence.

Lift your heads up and believe that if it is the right thing to do then God will bless it and it will happen. If ever there was a challenge to your faith, this is it.

I know there are many of you involved in the proLife movement already, but once a month we have to unite for 15 to 30 minutes and work together to let our representatives know it is time to stop abortion once and for all!

There are millions of us who know abortion is wrong. It's time for us to unite and end it.

We will stagger our calls based on initials of your last names so that the phone boards and email boxes are accessed throughout the day. The info for that is on the web.

The pages at will help you with everything you need to make the Call for Life.

There are:

> Contact numbers and email addresses
> What to say
> Resources to build your faith and strength, and to help you know that by speaking out to save millions of people from a horrible death you are doing the right thing.
> The next Call for Life day
> Flyers you can hand out to your church and proLife functions
> Sign up for our newsletter for the Monthly Call for Life reminder
> Daily articles about the proLife movement and other issues
> Contact information
> How you can volunteer to help us spread the word

For those of you who are ready to join the Monthly Call for Life as a volunteer please sign up at Click on the volunteer link.

Our representatives have had 32 years to stop abortion. They have not done so.

Prayer must be followed by action or nothing will change. Don't challenge others to end abortion for you, God challenges you to end abortion for him.

How do I know this is what God wants? Because I do, and so do you.

Speak up and speak out!
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