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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yet we're the radicals

Many people say our message is too harsh. People tell me we shouldn't call abortion doctors murderers or call abortion murder. Embryonic stem cell research will benefit mankind they say.
So why is it that doctors and nurses break down in tears putting human body parts together after having cut them out of the womb in the supposed clean and quick surgical procedure known as abortion. Why is it many of them no longer want to participate in them afterwards?

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry urge women and girls to have the abortions as close to 3 months as possible.

After that point they have to pull out the knife and tweezers because the head, arms and feet have to be cut off the body of the person in order for him/her to be removed from the womb. Afterwards they have to be reassembled on a table to make sure they got all the parts. If there are any parts missing they have to dig in the womb to find them.

Yet we're the ones being called radicals.

Abortion doctors kill a human being every 24 seconds without being accused of being "radicals".

People tell me by saying the things I say I will be put on a watch list, yet I have committed no violent act and have not threatened anyone. As a matter of fact, the main statement on the Call for Life page at is this:

"NUMBER ONE RULE! - Never, ever be mean, rude, unkind or threaten anyone. You are representing millions of folks who just want to end abortion, not scare people."

And I'm the radical.

Our children, any age under 18 who get pregnant while in school can kill their unborn children, our unborn grandchildren, without parental consent.

Planned Parenthood sells sex to our children without us knowing about it in our schools. They hand out condoms which they admit have a failure rate of 15 pregnancies per 100 uses. When our children wind up pregnant, they are all too happy to give them the abortion...for a fee of course.

And I am the radical.

Why isn't Hillary Clinton called a radical when she says that abortion is a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many women"?

Countries like England and many others around the world are funding the killing of human beings for cloning purposes in order to use their parts.

And I am the radical.

One Judge in America has already ruled that an embryo is a person. Obviously I am not a radical if a ruling judge agrees with me that an embryo is a human being.

MSNBC otherwise known as MessNBC states "Chilling effect possible on IVF, abortion, stem cell research". Chilling effect?

You mean people might have a chance to live & they consider that a chilling effect? Wow, I wonder what they would think if babies were given blankets when they are born?

Here's another headline from the Detroit news:

"Ruling may have far-reaching, chilling effect in areas of reproductive rights."

Hmm, I wonder if they were reading MessNBC?

Right above that headline is this one "Embryo is a person, court says" embryo is a person! Send out a press release!

And yet another description like those above from

"Ruling that embryo is a person could have chilling effect on everything from in vitro fertilization to abortion, observers say"

I believe the more chilling effect is on the person who has been cut out of the womb of his/her mother. Or how the would-have-been mother will suffer with guilt and nightmares the rest of her life. Or how men will mourn the death of their children having no say in the process.

Pro aborts try to say that an abortion is nothing more than a minor surgical procedure that doesn't affect the woman. So why do I hear women many years after their abortions on the verge of tears? Why do I see them break out in tears when telling the stories of how they killed their children?

Some words of wisdom from a former presidential candidate:

"I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception."

John Kerry -

He continued:

"I can't take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist," he continued in the interview with the Iowa newspaper. "We have separation of church and state in the United States of America."

So, life begins at the moment of conception, you oppose abortion, but it is because of your faith you won't protect those human beings who are slated for death? Isn't that backwards? Isn't it supposed to be because of you faith you have to put your foot down and defend the innocent from death?

America has been buying the lies of Planned Parenthood, NOW, the NAACP and left-wing pro-aborts for too many years. The tears are going to drown this country if we don't stop the madness now!

What's surprising to me is that so many people have been hiding behind the terms "Zygote" and "Blastocyst" for so many years.

Simple terms like those and Embryo are used to describe phases of growth, like toddler and infant, yet they make it seem as if because it is more scientific, these terms don't describe human beings.

This will be the final ruling. When a judge finally steps up, like our Supreme Court Judges, or maybe some men and women in congress with some backbone state that an Embryo is a human being.

That will be the end of abortion.

It seems so stupid that it has to come to this. Everyone knows it already so why does there have to be a ruling?

Because Roe v. Wade created a law which pretended to protect the right to privacy of a woman, but what it really did was give a woman permission to kill her babies in the womb.

Too poor? Kill him/her
Too rich & inconvenient? Kill him/her
Too busy? Kill him/her

Another thing that is surprising to me is that we know about 50% of those babies murdered are female. Where is NOW? They are defending the right to kill those women, and they are defending women's rights too? I don't think so.

Let me make it easy for those of you who haven't decided whether or not an Embryo is a human. When sperm and egg mix, a completely new organism with a unique set of DNA is created. There are no two identical sets of DNA in the world. Even if you are a twin, your twin has his/her own set of DNA which uniquely identifies him/her. This DNA will become a unique person with unique thoughts.

Easy enough?

I am not the radical. I am one of many who are saying Life should come first.

If in doubt, CHOOSE LIFE!

Go to and do your part to save a life which is taken every 24 seconds.
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