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Thursday, August 11, 2005

What is Abortion?

This question has to be why we haven't stopped the murder of unborn people. After all, if we can't define something then it can't be properly debated.

I think I'm just trying to put my head in the sand.

I know that the pro aborts know what abortion is. They just want to pretend they don't so they can keep up with the "it's a woman's right to choose" argument without having to feel any guilt about what they are "choosing" to do to living human beings in the womb.

Granted, there are many who really don't understand, but I have been debating abortion for 28 years and it's time to face facts, pro aborts fall into three categories.

1) people don't want to face reality
2) they want to pretend reality isn't real
3) they really do know, they just want to protect their ability to have abortions.

That is precisely the reason I started I figured out after all these years that debating only gets us hoarse, unwelcomed and 46 million aborted human beings.

People have said to me "can't you talk about anything other then abortion?", or "let's talk about something more pleasant" or "let's just agree to disagree".

I won't apologize for speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves, and I won't stop until the abortions stop.

I won't tone down my comments either. Killing someone for convenience is murder.

So many today say we should just try to get to the "hearts and minds" of people, get them to see it's wrong. I disagree, because laws are there for a reason, and one of the most important laws is one that God made sure to put on a tablet for us, namely "Thou shalt not kill".

I was discussing the topic of abortion with someone today. As usual I was accused of generalizing. My statement was "Democrats typically vote to keep abortion legal" The person said I can't make generalizations like that. I replied "90% of the time Democrats vote for issues supporting abortion".

(Not only that, they have voted against giving humans in the womb an anesthetic so they won't feel their limbs being ripped off. Democrats have also voted against measures which would stop late term abortions, those which allow them to kill people in the womb all the way up to the day of birth.)

Mary said to me "would you kill a bug?" Depending on the circumstances yes, I would. That was her Aha! moment. Of course I explained there is a huge moral difference between killing a human being and killing a bug. She responded "I value life".

I asked "if you value life why do you not value human life and why don't you have a problem with abortion?"

Mary said "I value a woman's right to make important decisions with her body", to which I replied "Now I think I see why we're having a difficult time with this discussion".

I asked her "Mary, what is an abortion?"

Not only did she not want to answer, she got flustered, uncomfortable and was starting to get angry.

"Why won't you answer what an abortion is?" I asked again. "You asked me if I would kill a bug and I answered that question.

"I believe it is a woman's right to choose" she said.

"Choose what?" I asked

"It's a woman's body..."

"I'm only asking what the "choice" is when people say women have a right to choose. I say I choose life, so what are you choosing?"

Why do those who defend abortion get angry and uncomfortable when the topic is brought up? Because they know it is killing a defenseless human being and they want to keep that one hidden. Like children, they want to pretend they don't know what you are talking about so they can continue getting away with what they are doing.

We Pro Lifers on the other hand have a difficult time calling them on it. We want to pretend we don't know that they know it is killing defenseless human beings. So we get into a debate which they will divert from with comments like "let's agree to disagree" or "it's legal".

We can agree to disagree on the hue of the sky, but Life is Life. It's up to us who are ready for abortion to end, to speak up and end it. This isn't a popularity contest, it's literally a matter of life and death, and death is winning, every 24 seconds.

Please don't waste your breath debating abortion with those who will never change their minds. Many of them just like to get you mad anyway. Use your energy wisely.

Please don't wait for an elected representative to do something about it. They haven't for 32 years, what makes you think they will now?

For those of you who have said you will just pray about it, I'm not doubting the power of prayer, but I am saying that the children who want to be born are praying for you to do something to stop their slaughter. Don't just sit back and watch them die while you wait for God to rescue them! Miracles happen every day, but sometimes we are a part of that miracle. Our prayer is a part of it and our actions are a part of it.

46 million Children in the womb have been killed in the womb for 32 years. Every year around 1.3 million are killed. How many years have you been praying?

As I often say, I'm not going to sugar coat this, if you don't speak up for those children in the womb, you are hiding from your responsibility. You are just as guilty of their deaths as those who have condemned them.

Perhaps some are only capable of prayer. I don't know, that's for you and God to figure out, but if I was in a car wreck and injured, I sure would want more than prayer. I would want you to help save me! If you were injured and bleeding to death, I would pray while I stopped the bleeding. Prayer and action go hand in hand. We need both. Prayer by itself is not good enough sometimes, and in this particular situation, abortion is not going to end with prayer alone.

Decent men and women are going to speak up and demand that it stop! That's how it's going to end.

Join us at once a month for the Monthly Call for Life. Tell others about it and encourage Pro Life websites to link to the site.

We aren't selling anything and aren't taking any donations. We have one goal, to end abortion.

We will end abortion.

Join us and be a part of something great which will save millions of lives!
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