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Sunday, August 14, 2005

What if dentists sold candy?

It makes sense doesn't it? Create your own customers by selling them candy. When their teeth get rotten you fix them. Maybe they should hand out lollipops to the kids on their way out too.

So why does Planned Parenthood get to distribute sex education, condoms and birth control pills in our middle and high schools? Are we that dumb as adults that we don't get what happens when you market something?

Why do you think companies pay for marketing anyway? Obviously to get you to buy their products.

As Planned Parenthood showed with their latest video "Superhero for Choice", they consider abstinence to be evil and dangerous.

The cartoon was obviously directed at children and teenagers. When the freakish cartoon conservative said "What about STDs?", the girl said

... "I don't plan on getting those".

Like you have to schedule that.

I'd like an appointment to get a few STDs at 1:00 please.

Now there's a solid education for you.

And we trust these people to teach our children sex education?

We are such idiots. PPs own website tells us that 15 out of 100 people who have sex with a condom are guaranteed to become pregnant and we're supposed to believe them that they only want what's best for our children? Of course they make it seem as if those 15 that get pregnant are dolts who can't put a key in a door much less use a condom.

Their angle is, if you use a condom 100% correctly, only 2% are guaranteed to get pregnant. I don't know a person walking the earth that does anything 100% correctly all the time. Anyway, obviously many if not most don't, because how did they come up with the number 15 out of 100 anyway? You can be sure the number is closer to 25% since they obviously want to lie to deflate their numbers.

Anyway, see what I mean? They educate and create their own customers, our children, and then hide the pregnancies from us WHEN, not IF they occur.

PP is the dentist, condoms are the candy. PP does abortions and sex education for a living remember?

So when our children become pregnant using the condoms that PP recommended and handed out, paid for by the United States and State governments, they don't offer advice on having the baby, they don't do that for a living, they offer advice on how to KILL THE BABY.

That's what PP does for a living.

Oh, I'm sorry, they also soak up Government money to the tune of over 300 million dollars a year. Let's not forget individual investors...oh, I mean benefactors who donate money. I bet you one hundred dollars the people who donate so generously to PP have stock in condom manufacturers.

Let's add this up...

Planned Parenthood, a "non-profit" corporation has one trillion dollars in the bank right now. I bet that buys a lot of state and federal legislators.

On top of that, they make:

350 million - abortions
350 million - money from you the taxpayer
180 million - donations

That's almost one trillion dollars they make a year, and what do they do for a living?


Geez, I'm sorry, I have to apologize again. They don't just kill people, as I have explained, they get paid to teach your children how to bring them more business.

This has to be one of the most bizarre businesses in the world.

Let's look at some stats from a nice conservative state, Illinois. (just kidding obviously)

This is from a study done back in 2001:

Yes, the study was done by PP.

"An overwhelming majority, 84 percent, of Illinois voters believe that students should receive comprehensive sex education in the schools according to a statewide public opinion survey released November 28, 2001. An even larger number, 92 percent believe that the schools should provide information about contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections."

Wow, 92 percent huh? Somehow I don't believe that, but in Illinois I guess anything's possible.

“Currently, one in five female Chicago Public School students gives birth prior to completing high school. Study after study show that teen pregnancies have a devastating effect on high school graduation rates, job prospects, and quality of life. Moreover, sexually transmitted infections remain a serious problem for adolescents,” said Steve Trombley, President and CEO of PP/CA. “Our program in the public schools stresses abstinence as the best option for teens, but also teaches teens about responsible sexual practices and decision-making,” Trombley stated."

"Our program in the public schools stresses abstinence as the best option for teens" but, just in case that didn't work, we teach them how to have "safe" sex and how to use condoms and hand them our business cards for when they get pregnant. Notice I said "when". That's because they are telling the kids to have sex with condoms which they refer to as "safe" sex, and 15 out of 100 of them will be going to a clinic with an "oops" guaranteed.

Also condoms do not prevent all STDs, there are many that are external.


"Catholics (72%), frequent church goers (72%), and anti-choice voters (64%) strongly agree that all students should have this information"

"Anti-choice voters"? Oh, they mean pro Life don't they? I don't mind playing their game though. They call themselves "pro choice" which makes us "anti choice". Good so far. We call ourselves pro Life, that makes them anti Life? Or is it pro Death?

I'm sure they don't like that label switched around.

I don't know about you, but I don't have a problem being called "anti choice" when the choice that they are referring to is killing a human being. I bet you 10 to 1 that they don't really like being called anti Life though. :)

"Catholic voters also choose comprehensive sex education as the top measure to reduce teenage pregnancy"

Wow, you Catholics in Illinois have to go back to Catholic school if you think the Catholic Church is into sex education, condoms and birth control.

"Planned Parenthood, while the only outside provider of comprehensive sex education, is only in four of Chicago’s high schools and 15 middle schools.”

I repeat, why do we let a corporation into our schools, hand out products to our children which are guaranteed to get our children pregnant, so that our children will then go to that corporation (PP) to have an abortion, without our permission?

On top of that, the government pays them, protects them and allows them to perform a medical procedure which HAS killed our children, without our permission!

Dentists shouldn't own candy shops or give out candy to our kids.

Our United States and State Governments should not pay Dentists to sell candy to our kids so they can drill their teeth.

Foxes shouldn't be put in charge of hen houses

Wolves shouldn't be put in charge of sheep

And Planned Murderhood shouldn't be in charge of our children!

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