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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Teenwire & Planned Parenthood

One of the worst things you can imagine happening to your teen is for them to get pulled aside by a person giving advice on how to have "protected sex", how to have abortions without your knowledge, methods of abortion, where to go, how soon to have one and so on.

Planned Parenthood on the other hand thinks it's their duty and responsibility to serve the community with their expertise. They go so far as to have a web site directed at your teens at

What can your kids learn there? Everything from Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and BiSexual sex to abortion of course.

Since we are a Pro Life site (which they say is an improper use of the term because we don't believe in thinking of the life of the pregnant woman) we will look at them from this angle.

This isn't just another article on Planned Parenthood profiting off the deaths of our grandchildren and the other terminally unborn. This is just a quick look at what Teenwire thinks our children, 13 to 19 need to know about abortion.

The following is from their "interviews" with a representative from PP (I assume it was since they didn't state otherwise and the person repeatedly gave out PP phone numbers).

Why would anyone in their right mind ask a person from Planned Parenthood any questions about being pregnant?

Planned Parenthood is a company that recommends and performs abortions. So what advice do you think you will get? Do you think they will direct your question to a minister or an adoption facility?

I don't think so. They will give you a clean description on how they can help you get an abortion and put the best face on their sales pitch for death that they can.

Teenwire Q&A - Ask the Experts

Statements by a person from Planned Parenthood being asked questions.

> Abortion is very safe - twice as safe as getting a shot of penicillin
> Abortion is 11 times safer than giving birth
> Early abortion is the best and the safest
> Financial help to get abortions - even medicaid

My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex and now she's pregnant. She wants an abortion but I don't. What should we do?
- ultimately it's the girls decision what she's going to do with that pregnancy, so even though it's unfair to guys, it's going to have the most impact on the woman.

The earlier an abortion happens the safer it is

I'm 16 from mass - Do i have to tell my parents if I want to have an abortion?
- abortion is totally legal in all 50 states but in mass 1 parent has to know. A judge can decide to excuse you from this requirement - a judicial bypass - Planned Parenthood will help you so call them at xxx xxx xxxx

Abortion is legal for the first 6 months of pregnancy for women and girls of all ages in all 50 states.

Person stressed that it's really important to make the abortion decision quickly since it's easier to deal with in the first 3 months of pregnancy

Would it be better to go to another state?
- that's an option but you should find out if it's legal

What's the diff. between a miscarriage & abortion
- miscarriage - spontaneous rejection
- abortion - induced by health care provider - woman chooses to terminate pregnancy

If a teen is pregnant without money what does she do?
- There are a lot of options & can often get financial help. All want to provide services at the lowest possible cost

In N.Y. state if you are under 21 you can get emergency medical aid to cover the abortion

The following is an interview with an abortion doctor from that same radio segment

(in the business) 25 years as an abortion doctor

Why do you include abortions in your practice?
- because I provide services to women who need help. One of the ways to help them is by providing them with abortions.

What is the average age range of woman seeking abortions.
- Women come to us at almost any age, 13 or 14 years right up to menopause. Women in their 40s or in their teens delay the most before coming to us.

I don't think there should be parental consent for teens to get an abortion. Parents should not be able to deny a teenager an abortion.

Requiring consent puts a burden on the teenager

Two kinds of abortion
- surgical - performed with medical instruments
- by medication - called medical abortion

- Surgical instruments enter the uterus to remove the pregnancy - Only takes 5 or 10 minutes & is quick

- Medical - Counseling describes how the medication will expel the pregnancy - can do in the privacy in her home - Advantage

She can do it in her home but doesn't know exactly when the pregnancy will be expelled from her uterus.

Emergency contraceptives are variations of the birth control pills

All pregnancy terminations use vacuum aspiration up to 12 or 14 weeks. After that we start with vacuum & maybe finish with vacuum but we have to use instruments to assist.

Important thing about abortion is that it remains safe & legal

Not uncommon for people to criticize me - not very productive to try and convince them that I am performing a service

PP Rep finishes with this

Definition of abortion - Termination of a pregnancy before birth

Reproductive freedom - Freely and responsibly decide when and where to have a child

Says that "Pro Life" is incorrect since it doesn't take into consideration the life of the woman carrying the child. Says we are "Anti Choice" instead.

Planned Parenthood might as well have stock in condoms, birth control pill companies, psychologists and psychiatrists, because they give them plenty of customers!

One other thing they do, they conceal child rape cases routinely: TB Continued...
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