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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The only point about stem cell research

Sen. Frist and others hail embryonic stem cell research as the cure-all for all of our ailments. They say it will cure Alzeimers, (of course that claim has already been proven impossible), and who knows, it may even cure zits someday.

No matter what, argue what embryonic stem cell research will or will not do until you are blue in the face, the only point about embryonic stem cell research is that it is murdering innocent people for "the greater good".

This has to be the first criteria our scientists and doctors use when doing their experiments. They must ask themselves, do I have to hurt or kill someone to benefit from the science.

Do we really want to continue creating these monsters of society? Do we want our doctors to look at us as their next possible experiment?

We need to look at doctors and scientists the same way as we look at politicians and say to them, "you work for me, and if you don't do what is moral and ethical you will be fired"!

Doctors and scientists are supposed to be looking at how they can benefit mankind while remaining human beings.

Dr. (Sen.) Frist has shown us they don't have that capability anymore. We are mere subjects of their experiments, to be used in whatever ways they think will create the next miracle of medicine.

We need to stop writing 20 page articles on why adult stem cell research is better than embryonic stem cell research and start making the only argument we should be making, namely that embryonic stem cell research requires the killing of living human beings!

What if embryonic stem cell research suddenly yielded a miracle cure for all ailments afflicting mankind? Imagine, Cancer, MS and every current and future illness cured by the simple extraction of stem cells from killed human beings? In the current climate of naivete and passivity over this issue, people would be screaming for us to use the knowledge to cure themselves, their relatives and their friends.

Don't argue that embryonic stem cell research is not as good as adult stem cell research; it is the wrong argument.

Argue that embryonic stem cell research is evil, immoral and tries to take a lesson from Adolph Hitler that human beings are mere experimental subjects. Yes, James Dobson is right about this.
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