Join The Monthly Call For Life: Follow-up

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Peter,Thanks for your reply. I think you've side-stepped my question, though.I asked what will make representatives stand up for the unborn, a changein public opinion or a change in pro-life activism and the frequency ofpro-life calls to their offices? If it's the former, then shouldn't wefocus on changing public opinion directly?

I'm sorry if it appears as if I sidestepped your question, that certainly wasn't my intent.

First and foremost, our united voices will get louder and louder and eventually our representatives, regardless of party affiliation, will have no choice but to change the law. is meant to be a conduit for all proLife individuals who want abortion to end enough that they are already active or will be active in the movement in one way or another. This is one place where we can all unite to let our voices be heard simultaneously.

The annual March for Life draws over 100,000 of these individuals together in one place every year. When one tenth of those who gather in Washington unite once a month through the Monthly Call for Life, we will be heard.

In reference to your query about our representatives and public opinion:

1st - Our representatives
> We have been trying to elect proLife representatives to change Roe v. Wade for 32 years without success. We never know what will happen when they get into office, and I believe we overestimate what they can or will do when they finally get there. There is no determined effort to end abortion by any of our representatives that I know of that has any possibility of success in the near future. The only things we see that they are trying to do is provide mercy killings by doping up the children before killing them, and there is also an effort to end partial-birth abortion.

If we look at the two top proAbortion web sites, and, we can see their efforts are only directed towards John Roberts. They would be yelling from the top of the highest mountain if they believed there were concerted active effort in Congress to end abortion.

2nd - Public Opinion
I don't think we stand a snowball's chance in hell of changing public opinion. The dollars just aren't there. It would take a marketing plan equivalent to presidential elections to affect change of this proportion. Instead of changing public opinion, proposes to unite those who are already convinced abortion is wrong and needs to stop.

I believe there are many of us chosen to do God's work and I'm not the one who is going to question his judgment. One person may have a calling to do public service announcements, another may have a calling to help pregnant mothers in trouble and so on. They are all doing what they believe they should be doing and I am not going to question their direction.

All I ask for is that all of us who have a calling to do work in the proLife area join together once a month to call and/or email our representatives and a local abortion clinic. Once we have saturated their lines on that first Friday and they still don't listen, then we bump it up to two days a month, then once a week, until it's over.

In the many years I've been in business I've learned my most important lesson...

...if I wait for someone else to do it, it will never get done.

I'm not alone. There are millions like me and you. Let's join together and end abortion.

When we unite, our voices will be heard
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