Join The Monthly Call For Life: Changes and Additions

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Changes and Additions

The Monthly Call for Life site at has been going through a few changes. Here are some of the changes and additions if you haven't noticed:

1) The Action & Activism link at the top will take you to a page which shows you a few things:
> The main "Action Item", namely the "Right to Life" bill which we will ask our representatives to pass.
> The current abortion related bills in front of our representatives
> A link to other marches, events and proLife things to participate in. If you have something to add, go to that link.

2) The Activism Page
> The Monthly Call for Life - Next one is on the 7th of October
> The Monthly March for LIfe - Also on the 7th and is for those who can march on their local government buildings for two hours, between noon and 2 pm.
> The Life Chain on the 2nd of October
> ProLife Memorial Day on the 3rd

3) Articles & Flyers
> We added the business cards page which you can print out to hand out at proLife events, put on car windshields at churches or anywhere else.
> The other flyers are there too if you want full-size pages
> The Call for Life logo which you can download and put on your web site

4) The Right to Life Bill - H.R. 552 - This is the current bill we are asking our representatives to vote for. There is a separate link to this from the main page so you can read it and become familiar with it.
The beginning of October will be a busy proLife time so I hope you join us to help end abortion in America!
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