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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Protest Marches No-Shows

In my opinion if we say we are going to do a protest march of any kind we need to be there for people who are going to show up. Twice now I have gone to marches in Washington DC in the last two weeks to join in protests and there was nobody there. I'm not going to name names but this has got to stop!
No matter what, have at least one person there with a couple of extra signs. You can't advertise a march and then cancel it out of the blue! People have lives and make decisions to help out the proLive movement. If I am showing up at a march it is in place of something else I could be doing.
Yesterday I missed my son's soccer practice. I promised him I'd be there but I thought the march was more important and needed my support. I also wanted to speak with the on-site representative and hand out cards for the March Together for Life project at
I regret missing my son's soccer game and am frustrated that I fought DC rush hour traffic going in and out of town just for nothing!
I don't want to hear any excuses. It is lame to put out a call for an activist event and then not have one single person on-site representing your call!!!
Starting October 7th we will be marching on Washington every first Friday of the month to go along with the Monthly Call for life at It isn't posted yet but we will have it up by Monday.
Not everyone can make it to Washington DC. Just like not everyone can make it to Washington DC for the annual March for Life which draws hundreds of thousands from around the world. Start organizing your own local marches for life on the first Friday of every month and if you can't make it to the annual march, make sure everyone on your proLife list marches at a local government building on the 23rd of January.
If you want abortion to stop you will have to speak up, regularly. We need to unite and get louder every month! It's been 32 years and over 45 million human beings have been killed by abortion. We have waited for our governement to do the responsible thing and stop the horror of abortion long enough!
Don't just talk about how bad abortion is, join us in the Monthly Call for Life at and do something about it!
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