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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kevin Eggan - Harvard Mad Scientist

Under the banner "The 4th Annual PopSci Brilliant" Popular Science shows us their anti-Life philosophy. one of the people whom they consider "brilliant" is a man named Kevin Eggan. What does he do to warrant the honor of "brilliant"? He kills people for experimentation of course.
When Kevin Eggan went from mouse cloning to human embryonic-stem-cell research, his working conditions took a dive. An unlisted phone number, uncertain funding, and the remote chance of physical harm from a rogue protester are now part of the territory, and his lab is hidden behind an unmarked door.
I believe the "remote chance of physical harm from a rogue protester" isn't as dangerous or deadly than him killing people for experimentation.
The ongoing growth of mad scientists in our Universities is frightening. People like Kevin are given grants and facilities to kill or maim human beings, all for the "greater good".
But Eggan, 31, isn't deterred by the political maelstrom that surrounds his chosen field. In fact, the brutally high stakes drew him in. The
idea that his knack for solving tricky cloning problems could help cure diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes was too seductive a prospect to ignore. "It just evolved into a palpable feeling that this thing, which had been an intellectual pursuit, really had a chance to help people," he says.
"Brutally high stakes". Do you think they are referring to the brutality of killing human beings for experimentation?
Of course not
"His knack for solving tricky cloning problems could help cure diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes was too seductive a prospect to ignore"
That's the problem with those who believe we should advance science at all costs with an "ends justifies the means" mentality.
Eggan began grad school of MIT in 1998, months after the birth of Dolly, the first cloned mammal. He immediately set out to master the delicate art of cloning, before the technique was fully understood. "Kevin doesn't waste his time trying to do trivial things," says Alan Colman, one of Dolly's creators and the CEO of ES Cell International in Singapore. Slipping the DNA from an adult cell into an egg that has had its own genetic material removed, then coaxing it into a living thing, requires the crazed intensity of a watchmaker operating on a clock the width of a human hair. "I locked myself in a windowless room with a microscope for a year and worked at it every day," Eggan says.
This man never learned right from wrong and we are paying the price for it. Innocent human beings are dying legally at his hands. If that weren't bad enough, Popular Science, Universities and our governments support and fund mad scientists like Eggan.
Isn't it interesting how callously they say "coaxing it into a living thing".
Our moral compass is broken in America. Men like Eggan are deciding life and death and we have no control over them. They do what they want, when they want and to whom they want.
Abortion, scientific experimentation and euthanasia all serve to change our population into drones who accept whatever science and government decide our fate will be.
Now Eggan plans to create human embryos from cells donated by people with Parkinson's. Stem cells gleaned from those embryos will help him reveal the cellular mechanisms of the disease. Some religious groups oppose the research because extracting the stem cells kills a five-day-old embryo, an act they equate with taking a life. But Eggan is confident that political opposition to his work will subside as people better understand the benefits. There is no moral consensus on when life begins, he observes, "but there is a moral, religious and philosophical consensus around the world to help sick people"
Well thank you Joseph Mengele.
No moral consensus on when life begins? You sick !%!@$@. Yes, I really do want to cuss right now, but I don't, so fill it in with your own choice words.
Of course immoral people will not have a moral consensus. That's the whole idea of immorality, anything goes!
You don't speak for me Eggan and you don't speak of the millions of others who disagree with you in America.
We need to organize a non-stop protest at Harvard until this scientific attack on morality is stopped! Anyone who lives in the Harvard University area, contact me and I will help you organize and promote a protest to stop madmen like Eggan.
America, we are uniting for a common cause. Join us for the monthly Call for Life at Help oppose those who believe abortion on demand is a "choice". Even if you are already involved in a proLife effort, take 15 minutes out of your busy day to help save the millions who will live when you speak out.
We will end abortion, but it will take longer without your help.
I implore you, don't leave this task to others. Do everything you can to help stop abortion.
Every 30 seconds another person is legally murdered.
Pass it on
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