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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mary Q. Candidate (R)

John Miller from The National Review writes:

"Will one of the most reliably conservative congressional districts in the country elect a Republican who favors partial-birth abortion, criticizes Social Security reform, and waffles on free trade?"

"It will if voters listen to Sen. John McCain and support California businesswoman Marilyn Brewer in next month's special election to replace Christopher Cox, who resigned from Congress this summer to become head of the Securities and Exchange Commission."

In a National Review interview Ms. Brewer stated:

"I am pro-choice and I vote pro-choice. You can't be a little pro-choice."

The rest of the article shows how she is perhaps one of the most liberal conservatives to run for office as a Republican. Supporters include John McCain and Christine Todd Whitman. Those opposing her are Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 10 others in congress.

You know you are an extreme liberal when one of the most liberal Republicans, Arnold Schwarzenegger supports your opponent.

The Republican party is getting so muddied down with liberal candidates who only promise to adhere to the money standard we won't even know what a Republican is after a few more elections. The RINOs (Republican in name only) have figured out a great number of people will vote for them based on the promise of a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.

McCain's TV ad for her stated:

Like Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Brewer is a fighter for lower taxes. Like Nancy Reagan, Marilyn Brewer is a fighter for stem-cell research. And like me, she's a fighter to protect our oceans and beaches. I'm John McCain. Let me give you a little straight talk about Marilyn Brewer. We need her in the U.S. Congress to keep the spirit of independence alive in America.

What do Republicans running for office stand for nowadays anyway? A great number of Republicans already in office are decent old-school Republicans who believe being a Republican carries the responsibility of being morally conservative as well as fiscally conservative.

Some folks got mad at my article about President Bush not being a strong proLifer, heck, barely even qualifying as a proLifer. Don't blame me, I only reported the facts! One thing I forgot to add in that article was how President Bush stumped for Arlen Specter, a known proAbort, over Toomey, a known proLifer. Specter thanked President Bush by opposing the White House demands that the filibusters end through the "nuclear option". He was in favor of "more negotiations".

We need to keep backing strong Republicans. It has to start early, at the local and state level. If we want to have "conservatives" in office we have to pay attention to what they say and how they vote early on. We also need to track what they say and do when they get into Federal office.

This site can help you keep track of candidates at the state and federal level:

There are plenty of others. Just search on the candidates running for office in google or yahoo to find out more information about them.

We have to end abortion regardless of who is in office though. Republicans have been in control of all levels of federal government and we are no closer to this goal now then when they weren't. A bill was proposed back in February which could save the lives of the unborn. H.R. 552 is the "Right to Life" bill which needs our support.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at Tell our representatives to back H.R. 552 and bring an end to abortion. The next Call for Life is on October 7th.

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