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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Party Politics, Religion and Abortion

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This is a follow-up to the article "Don't wait for change, Demand change!"

I discussed in that article how we can't rely on any political party to end abortion. It shouldn't matter who is in power. The people in office should obey the will of the people when we speak out and express our demands for change!

How else do you think racism was confronted? Martin Luther King showed us what to do. He marched and marched and the people marched with him to demand an end to racism in America. Finally the Government listened and put in place laws which would protect blacks and would help them become a part of American society.

If blacks had sat back and waited I doubt they would be free today.

About the churches in America and around the world. We are seeing churches become liberal playgrounds where the word of God is rewritten because people don't believe God would want to exclude anyone. Okay, so he really wouldn't want to exclude anyone, but that's not the point. What I mean is, lesbian priests, open homosexuality, abortion and other immoralities are accepted now. Or if they aren't accepted, they aren't challenged, either for fear of losing a paying customer or because the church just wants to accommodate everyone.

This redefining of the word is shaping our churches into immoral playgrounds instead of houses of worship. Just because God doesn't come down and smite us doesn't mean he has changed his views on morality. You either have standards and morals or you don't. You either speak for those standards & values or you pretend that they really aren't that important. Many only find it important to share the word of God. Never the mention of moral issues.

The problem is we are not just talking about acceptance, we are talking about open flaunting of deviant behavior, such as homosexuality, transsexuals, bisexuality and lesbianism. We are talking about acceptance of murder through abortion because many churches don't want to touch the topic as they believe it is the "third rail" in religion. We are talking about churches condemning Israel to death since modern churches openly speak out against Israel and openly speak out in favor of "Palestinians". Contraception is blindly accepted, our children have "safe sex", and when it fails, it is followed by abortions which damage their emotional well being for years, if not forever.

I love and accept everyone for we are all God's children. That doesn't mean I want to see deviant behavior become the norm in my church. That doesn't mean I have to stay silent as 4,000 human beings are killed by abortion every day.

I used to go to a couple of men's bible study groups locally. There were within walking distance from me and I enjoyed going. We covered many topics, but some were not mentioned. One in particular was abortion and the other was euthanasia. This became obvious during the time of the Terri Schiavo case. When we were asked for prayer requests at the end of study, I was asking for prayer for her as she was going through her ordeal.

I asked the leader of the group if I could send out an email to the group and insert a flyer I made in support of Terri. He said it would be best to bring it to the group and that I could hand it out there. I printed out the flyer and asked the leader if I could pass them out. He took them from me and put them in front of him as we started the bible study, but when the study ended, there was no mention of the flyers. At the end of the study I picked them up and handed them out and discussed the topic with a few people.

When topics of open prayer were requested I often asked to either pray for Terri or for the unborn children of abortion. If there was a topic we were discussing which had a connection to abortion or euthanasia I brought it up and showed the connection.

I could sense something wasn't quite right though and one day the leader cut me off as I was speaking. I asked him to let me finish and it was obvious the situation was coming to a head. After the meeting he asked a couple of others to join with him in discussing the "situation" with me. You see, they didn't want to hear about abortion anymore. The leader felt I had an "agenda" and he wasn't going to let his group get taken over by someone like me. Of course I never hid my desire to end abortion from anyone so it wasn't like I was waiting to spring my "agenda" on them. One person said whenever I would start to speak he would fear the moment I would bring the topic up and when I did he would wince.

That was the end of my twice weekly Bible study.

I've been debating abortion for 28 years. I'm not going to hide my feelings for this topic from those who find it uncomfortable. I always wonder why they find the topic uncomfortable when I am the one proposing Life. I guess it's because they believe in the opposite, namely death to the unborn children.

Here is your challenge, should you decide to accept it. Go to your church leaders and start talking about abortion. See where they stand on the topic. Ask your minister to devote a sermon on abortion. If he does, see what he says and how he says it. Does your church want to talk about abortion? Is it actively challenging the abortion laws? Is it pushing you to be active in stopping abortion or just talking about how horrible it is?

I know many churches who are challenging abortion. I know many who are outspoken and encourage others to be outspoken. I see them every year in Washington D.C. at the annual March for Life.

To add to your challenge, join us every month in the Monthly Call for Life at The next Call for Life is October 7th. Even if you already have a mission, unite with us to help end abortion.

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