Join The Monthly Call For Life: Why Roe Matters & Doesn't Matter

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why Roe Matters & Doesn't Matter

As these folks show:
Getting rid of Roe vs Wade won't be the end-all, but it is part of the solution to end abortion. In order for us to deal with the legal issues though we need to battle Roe vs Wade and all of the state rulings concerning abortion.
This is why there is the Monthly Call for Life at Our goal is to overturn abortion laws around the country by uniting all of us proLifers for the common message END ABORTION NOW!
We are challenged to call and/or email our representatives on the first Friday of every month. We are to contact all the main representatives, not just President Bush.
Call and/or email your, state reps, your Governor, the president and vice president. When our numbers reach 30,000 a day by January 22nd, the next Roe vs Wade anniversary, they will know we are serious and that we won't quit until they end abortion in America!
The next Call for Life is October the 7th. Bring your voice, your keyboard and your determination and join us!
Keep thinking about the 4,000 human beings a day who die at the hands of an abortionist. Use this as your fuel to energize yourself to do as much as you can to save the children of the future.
Even if you are already doing something, you can still participate in this project to save the children.
It only takes 15 minutes of your time. Don't be too busy to make the calls or send the emails on that day.
Only 15 minutes.
Join us
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