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Monday, September 05, 2005

Don't wait for Change, Demand Change

What I have seen in the Republican party and in Christian churches scares me. This article focuses on the Republican party, I'll get to the churches in the next article.

I came from Germany in 1980 as a Socialist ready to change the world. Reagan helped shape me into a conservative ready to help the world. I thought conservative and Republican were the same thing but as I have been learning over the years, liberals aren't always Democrats and conservatives aren't always Republicans. They don't always go together.

Talk about making the party issue confusing!

In each party there are liberals, moderates and conservatives. People say we have a two party system. They are so far from correct it is insane. So we really have a 6 party system and good luck trying to figure it all out. Many of our elected officials change their minds while they are in office. Some do so on small issues and we never really pay attention. Others do so on big issues and change the landscape of the country. We elect people based on the perception or facts of their standings on issues, but we really never know what they are going to do when they get into office.

The Supreme Court nominees are a good example. The last 7 out of 9 were nominated by Republican presidents. By all appearances they were Republicans. They would probably say they are still Republicans. They aren't conservatives though. We all know the only three who were real conservatives were Scalia, Thomas and Rehnquist. So what happened with the rest? As Ann says here,, we wind up with nominees who don't really represent conservatives. They are middle of the road nominees put in place as moderates. Republicans have a real problem with being conservative Republicans when it comes to issues like this. Democrats don't. They put in people like Ginsburg who is as hard left as anyone could possibly be. She is so hard left she not only got the endorsement from the ACLU, they threw her a party when she left them.

"In the same year she became the first director of the
American Civil Liberties Union's (ACLU) Women's Rights Project."

She wasn't always thought to be the proAbortion person in the beginning though:

"During the hearings for her confirmation, Ginsburg's position on Roe v. Wade was a focal point of discussion. Ginsburg had expressed criticism of the Supreme Court's 1973 decision that upheld a woman's right to an abortion, suggesting to some Senators that her support for abortion rights might be less than enthusiastic. Ginsburg's position, however, was not that a woman's right to an abortion was questionable; she merely doubted the legitimacy of the sweep of the Court's decision, arguing that the states would soon have achieved the same result on their own. The Court, she argued, should merely have overturned the particularly restrictive state laws at issue in the case."

That didn't mean that she was a right-winger by any means though. She was still as proAbortion as an abortion doctor who's thinking of the back 9 while vacuuming a live person out of a body.

"As for abortion itself, Ginsburg said that a woman's right to choose an abortion was "something central to a woman's life, her dignity. . . . And when government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human being responsible for her own choices."

So here we have a flaming, hard-core, left-wing proDeath liberal and the Republicans put up a fight when she was nominated, right? Wrong. She was confirmed by a vote of 97-3. The Republicans really put up a fight there didn't they?

I'm tired of people saying we have to vote in proLife individuals so that things will change. Don't you think we had proLife Republicans in office when she was confirmed 97-3?

President Bush is going to nominate two moderate Republicans who definitely aren't going to pound their gavels to overturn Roe vs Wade.

For all you proLife people out there who think your vote alone is going to change Roe vs Wade and stop abortion in the United States, wake up! Wake up, wake up!

Aren't 32 years of disappointment and 46 million dead people enough?

We succeeded in making the cake. We have succeeded in putting proLife representatives in office. Let's put the icing on the cake and demand an end to abortion now!

The only thing that is going to change Roe vs Wade is if we demand change. We the people of this United States have to speak up loudly and frequently. We can no longer sit in our rocking chairs thinking all we have to do is go to the ballet box every couple of years in order to get representatives in office who will do what we want. There is enough precedent to show we often don't get what we want from our representatives.

We should not have to expect to win the luck of the draw when we elect representatives. Just because a person has the letter R next to him/her definitely does not mean that the person will vote proLife. As you saw with the Ginsburg nomination to the Supreme Court, even the most conservative appearing representative will vote for the left-wing agenda out of political "fairness", even though this "fairness" is rarely reciprocated by the left.

President Bush is a Republican, not a conservative, and he won't nominate conservative judges for the Supreme Court. He is a moderate who will nominate moderates. For us proLife people that means no Life, only money. Let's face it, moderate Republicans mainly stand for more money and a few other financial/corporate issues. It's not a bad thing, but I wouldn't mind proLife and money in a candidate for office. It's not enough to say you are proLife though. I know a number of people who say they are proLife but that then add that they don't have the right to tell women what to do with "their" bodies.

John Kerry says he is proLife. He even admits that human life begins at the moment of conception, but denies that individuals have the right to tell someone else what to do with their children.

Is this perfectly understood? John Kerry says that a human being can be killed in the womb if a person wants to kill the child because of convenience or religious issues.

"We the people" need to change this. "We the people" need to speak up, loudly and frequently!

Stop relying on nominated representatives to do your work for you. Demand they do what we put them in office for! Demand an end to abortion even if there are all Democrats in office!

It's up to us, "we the people" to state the demand for life. How many more people have to die before you pick up the phone and/or type an email? Over 46 million American women and men have died. Stop telling me we have to elect proLife representatives. Enough already!

Every day another 4,000 people die while we wait to go through the party process. Another day of 4,000 dead is too much for me!

The Monthly Call for Life project at is there to challenge all of us proLife individuals to do something more frequently. We March for Life every year on the anniversary of Roe vs Wade. We vote for life every two years. Let's MarchTogether and Call for Life every month. When our numbers are big enough we will Call every week and then every day until they cry Uncle and stop killing God's children.

These are your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and God's children who aren't or haven't been born. How much will you do to save them?

In July, our first full month we had 640 visitors. Last month we had 1540 visitors. By January we will have 30,000! This is not "my" project. I am only a tool of God who is calling all of us to demand an end to the murder of his children.

For those of you who snub your noses at the numbers think of this, if you challenged your visitors to join the Call for Life who many could you bring on board? Some of you get 30,000+ visitors a day! Think what you can do if you participate.

We have already been accepted as an Associate of the American Life League and at least 12 sites link to us. Writers are coming on board and the project is going to grow faster then Kudzu in July.

I am not going to end abortion. You are, we are. If I called every day for the rest of my life all I would get is a chuckle from the operators when I tell them we are going to end abortion.

Think about it. What would it hurt you to join us every month on the first Friday of the month to help the 4,000 people who won't live that day? I know there are millions of proLifers out there, all trying to do their best to end abortion. So let's join together, just like the annual March For Life in Washington which gets hundreds of thousands of us in one place every year.

If you have a web site, put up a link to and write a story challenging your visitors to help end abortion.

On the first Friday of the month put up the Stop Abortion Now logo which you can find at along with a statement encouraging your visitors to call on that day.

The next Call for Life day is Friday, October the 7th. I won't know if you show up, you will.
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