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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What they want to do and...

...what we need to demand from the Supreme Court are two different things. On January 22nd, 1973 the United States legalized the murder of unborn human beings. Since then over 40 million children have been killed.

This horrendous ruling must be overturned. I know we are fighting abortion throughout the states, and there have been many successes, but it is not enough. We need to demand an end to abortion now!

Judge Robert Bork doesn't believe things will change in the next 10 years.

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Speaking at the National Press Club Tuesday, former Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork said that the likelihood that the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision permitting abortion would be overturned within the next ten years is "virtually nil."

That's where we come in. The Internet wasn't around not too long ago. We didn't have the ability to spread the word around about the kind of movement that is needed to demand the end to abortion.

We the bloggers and proLifers need to talk to each other. There are millions of us proLifers staring at a screen every day and many into the night. Take advantage of the technology and spread the word to everybody you know that it's time we put an end to abortion!

The main thing we need to do is speak out and continue speaking out until abortion is over. We the people of this United States who want abortion to end need to be willing to speak up as often as it takes.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at This is as grassroots as it gets. We pay for the site out of our own pockets, we aren't paid for articles or promotions, we are not a 501 c3 corporation and nobody is funding our operations.

Did I say we don't need money? No I didn't, but I'm not asking you for it!

I'm asking you for 15 minutes of your time every month. I'm asking you to ask everyone you know to step up to the plate and swing a bat (figuratively speaking) for the unborn.

I don't care what Judge Bork says. I respect him greatly, but he is wrong! President Bush said much the same thing not too long ago when he said America is not ready to end abortion. He is also wrong!

Go to Join us on the 7th of October for the next Call for Life. When our numbers get big enough we will call every week, and then every day until they stop murdering 4,000 human beings a day!

I hope the next point ticks you off enough to do everything you can to help.

The Planned Parenthood murder machine made almost 1 billion dollars last year on the murder of our children and grandchildren. Three hundred+ million dollars came from you, the American taxpayer!

Enough talk, time to cry out!


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