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Monday, September 19, 2005

Roberts is no Rehnquist

For people to believe that Roberts is the man to replace Rehnquist is to believe in the tooth fairy. I know many say he is the perfect man for the job right now, but I say he wouldn't even be a good replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor.

President Bush is missing the opportunity to nominate true conservatives to the Supreme Court, which are sorely needed.

He is doing it on purpose. Since he has been in office he has been trying to prove he is a "uniter not a divider". Unfortunately America is going to pay the price for his naiveté.

President Bush is not a conservative. I only voted for him because he was a Republican and I'd rather have most Republicans in office than any Democrat.

President Bush is not and has not been a proLife president. He is the first American president to finance embryonic stem cell research and has even stated that in his opinion Americans aren't ready to end abortion.

Since he has been in office he has placed many moderates who also aren't proLife in high positions. Condoleezza Rice is proAbortion as is Colin Powell who made this statement:

"You all know that I believe in a woman’s right to choose and I strongly support affirmative action"

Gale Norton is proAbortion

Ann Veneman is proAbortion

Bush's mother is proAbortion

Laura Bush is proAbortion

Attorney General Edward Gonzales, who is helping President Bush pick Supreme Court nominees is proAbortion.

Need I go on? Why does proLife America find it so hard to believe President Bush isn't proLife when he has gone out of his way to prove that he isn't? I can hear him now, he would say something like this:

"I'm proLife, I believe abortion is wrong...but...

Anyone who has debated abortion more than twice knows the rest of that sentence, but let me finish it for you anyway:'s not up to me to tell a woman what to do with her body."

What do you think he means when he says "compassionate conservative" anyway? He has been in office for 5 years and have you seen a lot of "compassion" directed towards the unborn?

Post Hurricane Katrina he eluded to ongoing racism being the root cause of poverty in New Orleans and elsewhere. Star Parker seems to think he has a screw loose there:

Article on Race

I agree with her.

I know many of you believe he is doing what he can. I know many of you believe Roberts will be a sort of "stealth" nominee. Though I completely disagree, let's agree on one thing, we need to end abortion!

Regardless of who is in office we need to end abortion. Regardless of whoever is promising whatever we want to hear so they will get elected, we need to end abortion.

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at and demand an end to abortion from our representatives, regardless of party affiliation. Voting is good, but not good enough. We need to take it to the next step and let our representatives know we want an end to abortion.

It's been 32 years folks. over 45 million people have died.

It's time to speak up and not quiet down until they agree to stop abortion!

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