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Saturday, September 03, 2005

What if it was me?

What if I was the one who was pregnant?

This is a question someone asked me in reference to a a newsgroup post I submitted for the Monthly Call for Life at

Here is the back&forth:

HIM (or her?):

> Tell us Peter, have you ever had a baby??
> I mean actually carry one in your body for nine months??
> Can you then explain, what right you might have to speak for women??
> Stop and think you turkey:
> You manage to get a law passed outlawing abortion.
> All the people that can afford it (and that includes all your law makers),
> simply will run next door to Canada, and have them there.
> So you are stuck with the poor, uneducated people stuck with having kids
> they don't want. More one parent families to go on welfare.
> Hey, ain't life fun!!


I had a baby. I had a baby taken from me when I was 17. My child would be
26 right now. My girlfriend's parents forced her to have an abortion.

I also have two other babies, one is now 7 and the other is 20, whom I love
and cherish.

I do have a right to speak for women. I have a right to speak for the women
who are killed in the womb because they are not wanted for whatever reason.

One of them might have been another daughter.

I have the right to speak for the women who kill their children because the
government says it is legal. I know most will live a life of anguish and
suffering, always knowing that they killed a child of theirs. I know. I
have spoken with many women who have killed their children this way and they
never forget. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices.

I have a right to speak for the women who will become brainwashed into
thinking abortion as birth control is normal. They teach their children,
boys and girls, that murder is acceptable. This in turn distorts morality
more and more.

It is not "my law" that I am trying to get passed. It is God's law.
Remember? Thou shalt not kill.

I cannot speak for those who can "afford" to run to Canada for abortions.
They will have to deal with their souls by themselves. At least if we
outlaw the killing of our children in America, those people who couldn't get
an abortion will know what it is they might have done when they have their
gift of God in their hands.

Pregnancy is not a disease or an illness. The choice is to have sex in the
first place and accept responsibility for what sex brings us, not to kill
our children when we make bad choices.

"poor, uneducated people stuck with having kids"? That's the excuse to kill
human beings? Why stop with abortion? Why not post-delivery abort? You
can stop poverty right there you know? Next you'll bring up "population
control" or something like that.

God forbid you ever are in charge of destitute people. With that mindset
you would bring them death with a smile.

Yes, life is fun and it is glorious. There are many "poor, uneducated
people" who share life with God and are happy. There are many who escape
poverty and know that poverty is in the mind, not in the wallet. Ask Oprah
about that.

Cars and houses don't buy happiness. Just ask the rich executives who jump
off bridges, in front of cars and blow their brains out.

I suggest you read about Mother Theresa, a woman who lived in poverty, filth
and disease much of her life. One thing she taught was to always smile and
mean it because you are representing God.

God is the only way to true happiness. The day I discovered this important
point was the day my life changed forever.

God bless you Zadok. I pray you find him and know his love.


Join us at for the Monthly Call for Life. We will end abortion through our proLife unity. We will start once a month, then go to once a week and finally every day until we overturn the abortion laws.

We have to start somewhere though so join us and encourage all your friends to join us!
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