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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Response to "Sugar Coating" our message

This was my response to an email that I received from Monty Goodell from ProLife Ministries at which I posted yesterday. Monty gave me his permission to post our back & forth on the topic of displaying aborted babies on our proLife web sites:

All of us proLifers in our proLife calling have a message and a direction, and since what you have displayed already has saved lives it obviously can't be bad.

I agree abortion can't be sugar coated. The intentional murder of over 4,000 people a day is horrible.

I'm glad you made the point about overturning Roe vs Wade. The "Right to privacy" ruling is a farce and a disgrace to American law and morality. It has to be overturned in order for what the individual states are doing with their proLife efforts to succeed. Every single proLife law which has been put in place in those states can be thrown out just by the proAborts bringing those laws to the Supreme Court and demanding they be ruled on based on Roe vs Wade.

I also agree that we are in a special "window" of opportunity to change the law. I am encouraged by American citizens having elected many proLife representatives, but I also believe it can't end there. I believe now is the time, more then ever before, that all of us proLife individuals and entities need to unite in order to speak out loudly and let all the representatives know we want them to take action.

I voted for President Bush, but I am not counting on him to end abortion. I voted for other proLife representatives but I am not counting on them to end abortion. I am counting on us demanding that they end abortion. I believe our representatives want to do it and with our encouragement I believe they will do it. We have plenty of representatives in office for this change to happen now.

My calling is to unite all of us to shout out like the like they did at Jericho until the walls come tumbling down! The horns are the representatives, our voices are the next step and the time is now. I believe we must shout out for the final step to happen!

I know we each have our missions, and our missions occupy our lives extensively. I know I am asking more of what we are already doing. The time it will take is minimal though, perhaps 15 to 30 minutes the first time and only 10 minutes thereafter since the required contact information only needs to be found once.

We wouldn't bake a cake without putting frosting on it.
We wouldn't sweep a kitchen at the end of the night without mopping it.
(I worked many restaurants in my youth)
We don't build a house without painting it.
We don't run a marathon without crossing the finish line.

We have worked hard for 32 years to get the right representatives in office to change an unjust law which was put in place by the Supreme Court, who had no right to create this law in the first place. I believe the representatives are there and it's time to put the frosting on the cake.

We have to do this now. There is no nationwide recognizable Republican in line for president who is a proLifer. I believe the Republican party is going through a shift and many who are accepted in the party aren't required to have a proLife stance. In my opinion, this should be the 1st requirement.
We will have to demand that our representatives end abortion. We nominated them to represent us and our morals, it's time we made them do those things we elected them for, one of which is to end abortion!
Tomorrow is the next Call for Life Day at Join the many who are uniting and speaking out to our representatives. Everything you will need to join in is at the site:
> Who to call
> When to call
> What to say
No matter what your current calling is, join us in our Call for Life tomorrow!
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