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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Can't Sugar Coat the Message

I was corresponding with Monty Goodell from ProLife Ministries at the other day and was mentioning to him how difficult is was to come across pictures of aborted human beings. I suggested that perhaps he put them on a different page so that we didn't have to come across them right when we got to his site.

He had a good response and I thought I would post it here:

I used to share your concerns about the shocking, and devastating pictures of aborted babies.... But isn't that what abortion is?

Yes, there are two schools of thought here, do we sugar-coat the message and talk (or write) in abstract terms, and just state abortion is wrong because of this and that????

Why does abortion need to be sugar-coated?

You have heard it time and time again, a picture says a thousand words, and in the case of abortion, the pictures of pro-choice truly and accurately depicts exactly what abortion really is.

We have had our share of hate mail, since placing the pictures on the main webpage, but we have also received words of encouragement.

Again, the pictures of the (aborted) babies who are on our website accurately represent exactly what abortion is. These pictures, and undoubtedly countless others of Pro-Life pictures of aborted babies have prevented countless numbers of abortions. We know of at least 3 abortions that have been prevented since adding the pictures in the last several months. Including one baby that was scheduled for the death sentence by the expectant "mother" which happened 2 weeks ago - The expectant mother was in her 6-7 month (since conception)... and she saw, on our website, the pictures of what an abortion truly is, and what an aborted "baby" looks like, that coincided with the age of her unborn baby when she planned to have the abortion. And, she let us know. Had we NOT had the pictures, especially of the one baby that was about the same age of her unborn baby, then she may have gone ahead and had the abortion.

If we can all just try and save one baby at a time, by preventing just one abortion, until we can Overturn Roe Versus Wade, then I am convinced that's about the best we can do, with only a website, and of course, our prayers to end the American Holocaust. I am also firmly convinced the pictures of the aborted baby pictures on our home page have prevented many other abortions, than the ones we know about.

Finally, I believe we are under a special "window" to once and for all end abortions. This window needs to have everything we've got ---- including the pictures of what pro-choice really is, the killing of innocent, defenseless babies, before some people wake up and see what they are supporting when they say they are pro-choice, and only vote for pro-choice candidates.

I hope you're still reading this reply right here, and that you understand that 2 out of the top 3 leaders for the Republican party nomination for President in 2008 are PRO-CHOICE!!

Rudy Giuliani, presently the front-runner, is pro-choice.

Candy Rice, presently in the # 3 position for winning the nomination for President with the Republican party, is pro-choice.

Sen. John McCain, is supposedly pro-life, but he's also just as likely to turn on a dime, and I don't think he can be counted on, as we have been able to count on our President, George W. Bush, a God-fearing Christian, and moral man, that maybe this country's last chance to stop abortion.

He made some great points. I will submit my response tomorrow.

Friday the 2nd of September is the next Call for Life at Pick up the phone and/or email your representatives on that day to let them know we want abortion to end.

Join us. Be a part of the movement to end abortion in America.
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