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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Baby Found in Trash Can

Or should I say another baby was found in a trash can? I saw the trailer on the news this morning but I didn't see where it was found, so I decided to search on that topic.

Have you ever done a search on "baby found in trash can"? I got 5,580,000 possible results on that search at!

I believe abortion has caused many woes in society because we have become desensitized. How can we be sensitive to things like abused children when we accept the killing of children in the womb?

Yesterday O'Reilly talked about a man who was released from jail in Wisconsin. He was released after 5 years or so after having served time for raping 2 children. After his release he raped another child and is headed back to prison. He received an 8 year sentence and will probably only serve another 5 just to head back into society and do it again.

Tossing our children in trash cans has to be one of the most unbelievable things we can do as human being. It ranks right up there with killing them in the womb or partial birth abortion.

If people of faith don't speak up about the things in society which should remain immoral they will become moral. Secularists will turn wrong into right. They already have with abortion haven't they?

A ruling 32 years ago which says we have the "right to privacy" and kill our children at any time during our pregnancy proves my point doesn't it?

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