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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pro Life Unity

I believe if ever we needed proLife unity it is now. We have succeeded in putting proLife representatives in office through our united efforts and votes, but now we have the task of making sure they do what is right and what we voted them in office for, namely end abortion.

This is why we started March Together for Life at It is a hub for all of us proLifers to get together under one banner, once a month, to voice our opposition to abortion.

There are many great organizations, proLife representatives and bloggers in America. Entities such as the American Life league, National Right to Life and proLife people like Laura Ingraham and Kelly Hollowell all have the common goal of ending abortion. That is a good thing, but we are not united in our message. Some of us put all of our efforts into electing proLife representatives, others support and/or start adoption facilities, others like Operation Rescue picket and provide proLife direction and information.

Let's face it, many have great proLife efforts and are all doing the best they can to help end abortion. I'm not cutting down any of these efforts. All I am asking is that we unite for 15 minutes a month in the Call for Life and for those who can make it, 2 hours a month for the Monthly March for Life.

We need to stand united for our common cause of ending abortion. Please do everything you can to promote the Monthly Call for Life and the Monthly March for Life at

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