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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My take on "The Last Abortion Clinic"

PBS is going to show a documentary called "The Last Abortion Clinic". PBS is one of the most liberal media organizations in the world and I'm supposed to somehow believe that suddenly they have become Pro-Life? I don't think so.

Sorry if I'm a sceptic, but I just don't see a change of heart about abortion coming from them without it being forced upon them.

I can almost imagine how this is going to be presented. I hear dark music playing and a person with a warning tone in her voice telling America how our "right to choose" is being threatened by extremists. I see interviews with women who are crying because they can't afford to go to a clinic that is now too far away because the ones in her area were closed by religious extremists.

"The programme, which takes a decidedly pro-abortion angle, focuses on a Supreme Court case, scheduled for November 30, that could indicate whether Chief Justice John Roberts will allow states to keep laws restricting abortion which in the past have been routinely overturned."

Do you think maybe they want to influence US politics? Nooo, PBS would never do that. They are non-partisan aren't they?

"Regulating abortion facilities to force them to operate according to the same standards as other outpatient surgical clinics has also helped close the private facilities which are notorious for their unsafe and unhygienic conditions."

Why shouldn't abortion facilities be required to maintain medical standards? It seems obvious to me if they can't do so then they have no right to be in business.

PBS Article

"In Mississippi, Medicaid offers support for women seeking to continue with an unintended pregnancy, but no state funds or facilities may be used for abortion services."

Encourage the delivery of a human being and support him/her and the mother when the child is born? Seems to be the logical thing to me.

"It's like even before Roe v. Wade for these poor women," says Pat White, a nurse-midwife who has been working in the Mississippi Delta for decades. "We are making decisions for them. These women have no option except to continue with the pregnancy, whether they can afford it, or whether or not it's wanted, or whether or not they can emotionally provide for the child."

Sorry ma'am, your option is not one that I would wish on anyone. Murder in the womb is not an "option".

PBS will deliver a partisan pro-abortion message to America in the hopes that it will cause peole to rise up against the Pro-Life movement. It's not going to happen. Only hard core pro-aborts will cheer the obvious pro-abort message PBS will present to us.

I have to give PBS credit for one thing though I'm sure it was by accident. At you see a picture on the left of protesters in front of the Supreme Court. The caption reads "Anti-abortion and pro-abortion demonstrators hold signs in front of the Supreme Court". In case you don't know what's wrong with that picture, the pro-abort crowd NEVER says pro-abortion, they ALWAYS say pro-choice.
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