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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Worldview 2

Continued from Worldview Part 1

We left off with this picture of the two Nazi girls


Unlike the Olsen twins, these girls aspire to create a "white" America. Their worldview has been shaped since birth and everyone who is not a pure-blooded white person is scum. I will add to that, anyone who is not a pure-blooded white American.

How is our woldview shaped? I believe there are many factors, such as the home environment and interaction, friends, peers and also what a person becomes attracted to based on one or many of those other factors. So many things help shape a young mind as a person is growing up. I don't believe people are destined to become evil any more than I believe a child conceived of rape will be a rapist, but if a person's mind is molded to become evil he will most likely become evil.

In our modern times, Christianity can be shared with other religions so that one more complete religion is created and life lessons from all are incorporated into their daily lives. This blending of religions allows a person to not have to be responsible to a God, instead it allows the person to take all the good things from all religions and ignore morals and values. I call this the "it's all good" philosophy. If it feels good, do it. People who have this new religion believe that all war is bad but abortion is okay and even convince themselves that it is better for the child to die then to have to be born in a cruel world that doesn't care for him/her.

What kind of worldview do you have? Most likely most of you who are reading this are religious Christian or Jewish. Obviously you would then have a Christian or Jewish worldview.

Or would you?

Here is some information on changing worldview provided by Brannon Howse:


The stats that he quotes are shocking!

From 1988-2000, average scores of Christian school students dropped by 30.3 percent. Results of evangelical family students in public schools dropped 36.8 percent.

Christian students attending public schools now regularly score in the lower half of secular humanism, headed toward a socialistic worldview. Students in typical Christian schools score as a secular humanist. However, the average Christian-school student is just a few points away from having a moderate Christian worldview.

I would guess that the students come from Christian families and even believe they have Christian worldviews so why is their worldview changing?

In my opinion people are being changed by a redefinition of terms and ideology. For thousands of years mankind knew that abortion was killing a human being in the womb, in the 70s it became a matter of "choice" and a "right to privacy". Homosexuality was considered morally reprehensible in the past but now a minister can be jailed for saying this in church. Morality is becoming an option even in the Christian schools. The new Christianity only requires faith in Jesus. "I'll take one cup of Jesus, hold the morality please".

Mr. Howse continues...

Recently, a national leader of a religious broadcasting organization called for his group to be known for theological and spiritual issues rather than political/social issues. Such false thinking is what has caused the average "Christian" in America to sit on the sidelines while 4,000 unborn babies are killed each day because they do not view abortion as a spiritual issue but as a political issue. When I asked this Christian leader if abortion was a spiritual issue, he answered by saying he viewed abortion as a moral and political issue. Are not all moral issues spiritual issues?

Mr Howse documents many important facts and I encourage you to read his complete article.

Abortion is evil and 99% of you reading this article agree with that statement, so what are you doing about it? If Christians truly accepted that abortion is the evil we say it is we would be protesting in the streets every day by the millions until it is ended. It is one thing to talk about how bad something is, quite another to do something about it. Christians are trying to become close to God but in my opinion many are not doing enough to save those who are being torn away from him!

Talk is cheap and only requires the air that I breath. Action is expensive and requires not only my money, but my time and effort as well.

Another 4,000 people were killed by abortion today. Have I done all I could do?

To be continued...

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