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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Alito now not acceptable?

As Tim pointed out in "Abortion Stance Draws Filibuster Threat" the Dems are beginning to posture for a filibuster on Judge Alito. Joe Biden said "I think he's got a lot of explaining to do,".

Ruth Bader Ginsberg flew through the nomination process even though she made comments like this one:

"I will rest my answer on the Casey decision, which says in the end it’s her body, her life, and men - to that extent - are not similarly situated. They don’t bear the child."

Notice she said "the child", admitting that a human being is what she has no problem killing out of convenience.

We sure don't carry the child, but people like her obviously aren't responsible enough to make life and death decisions. A person in the womb deserves to live, not be decided on like which brand of cereal to have this morning.

Republicans must have backbone on the abortion issue. If there was ever a time in history, now is the time. There cannot be a double-standard. If the Dems make it the case that any person who is nominated for Supreme Court must be pro-abortion, Republicans will have to go morally underground and/or lose that important piece of morality in order to function in government.
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