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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pro-Aborts Lie - You Die

People on the other side of the aisle consistently resort to lies instead of facts to prove their points. Even one of the founders of the pro-abortion movement has admitted they used tactics learned from Goebels, a Nazi leader credited (though it is believed Hitler really came up with it) with creating the "big lie".

What are all the lies?

> Over 800 calls were made to Planned Parenthood facilities around the country by by a girl pretending to be underage. This was important because Planned Parenthood is supposed to notify authorities if they find out a girl has been impregnated by a man over the age of 18. Not only did they not do so, they told the girl she had to be quiet about the age difference.

> Birth control pills are safe - Don't think so

> The patch is safe - Wrong again

> Condoms have low failure rates - They're dreaming

> Abortion is low-risk - Ask the 347 women on the Blackmun Wall.


> No increased risk of breast cancer - Joel Brind, PhD, president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute disagrees.

> In our own schools they encourage our children to have sex, use birth control, and when it fails, go to them for abortions on the QT.

Brind's 1996 meta-analysis reviewed all the studies done in the previous decade and found a 30 percent increased risk of breast cancer for women choosing an abortion after a first full-term pregnancy and a 50 percent risk increase for women choosing an abortion before a first full-term pregnancy.


> Depression and suicide not linked to abortion - Yeah, right.

Planned Parenthood claims:

The truth is that most studies in the last 20 years have found abortion to be a relatively benign procedure in terms of emotional effect — except when pre-abortion emotional problems exist or when a wanted pregnancy is terminated, such as after diagnostic genetic testing (Adler, 1989; Adler et al., 1990; Russo & Denious, 2001).

They have many other outrageous claims that I won't bother listing.

How do you tell if a pro-abort is lying?

Their lips are moving.

Think about this. If we're wrong but women respect their bodies and those of their children anyway, they all live and they live healthier lives. If they're wrong and women don't respect their bodies, have abortions, take pills, use patches and participate in frequent sex like they show on Sex in the City, the consequences are dire.

> Children die very young, (in the womb)
> Women become depressed
> Increased chances of diseases
> Cancer
> Death
> Blood clots

And more.

There is a difference between being wrong and lying though. I hope people will pay attention to facts.

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