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Monday, December 05, 2005

Boycott Walgreens

How would you like to have been one of the Nazi guards forced to kill Jews, gypsies, blacks and other undesirables of the time by herding them into gas chambers? You probably would have said no if you had a choice, but as we know, people couldn't make humanitarian choices back then without being killed, tortured or imprisoned.

That was then, this is now. Undesirable people today are led to their slaughter inside the wombs of women who are taught that abortion is nothing more than getting rid of undesirable tissue and cells, and many people sit back and watch it happen WITHOUT the threat of being killed, tortured or imprisoned.

Then there are those who refuse, like the pharmicists at Walgreens in Illinois. Pharmacists in Illinois are forced to distribute pills which kill innocent human beings in the womb. Four pharmacists in Illinois refused to be a part of the legal murder called abortion which takes place in this country many times a day. They were willing to put their jobs on the line to save lives, and they were released with unpaid "leave".

WorldNetDaily Article

At issue is the Plan B morning-after contraceptive – not to be confused with RU486, the abortion pill used to terminate later-term pregnancies. Plan B contraceptives are essentially very high, multiple dosages of birth-control pills taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent ovulation or implantation. If ovulation is prevented, no egg is fertilized and no pregnancy occurs. But if ovulation has taken place and the egg is fertilized, the morning-after pill works to block implantation by the early embryo in the mother's womb. It is aborted, making dispensing prescriptions for the pill a matter of conscience for pro-life pharmacists.

In this case, the pharmacists aren't just being asked to lead people to their death, they are asked to dispense the drug which will kill them!

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the modern equivalant of a Nazi German leader, ordered pharmacies to "honor all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraception prescriptions".

"If a woman has a prescription for contraceptives, they ought to be filling that," Blagojevich told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, adding that the pharmacists' suspensions were unfortunate but not as important as protecting women's rights.

What about the women's rights inside the womb? They don't count.

This is an issue you would think Democrats would support them on. After all, they are all for allowing soldiers to avoid combat by applying for conscientious objector status.

Yahoo Definition

To people who believe in Life, the pro-abortion world is dark and deadly. Why should we be forced to participate in their murderous "choices"?

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Belleville's Project Rachel has called for a boycott of Walgreens. Let's join them and also call Walgreens to let them know how we feel!

Help these brave pharmacists. Boycott Walgreens until they hire them back and allow them to be conscientious objectors.

Click hereto get to the contact page for Walgreens. Email and call the company to let them know you support the four pharmacists who made moral decisions in support of Life.

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