Join The Monthly Call For Life: Link request response

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Link request response

Here is one we received today:

Thanks so much for reaching out to ____________.

While agree with your mission wholeheartedly, we will be unable to participate. I receive requests to put similar announcements out from several conservative organizations -- none of which are more important to me personally than the right to life. Having said that, we would dilute the impact and mission of the blog which is to see a candidate elected the U.S. Senate who also happens to be solidly pro-life. I do hope you will understand. Warm Regards,

Our goal is to end abortion right? Why would you not support an effort to do so? As a matter of fact, I believe you can benefit from having a section of your site dedicated to presenting the proLife cause, even if it was just links to proLife sites. Have you noticed you don't have one single link to a proLife site?

ProLife representatives have been elected for over 32 years and abortion is still legal. The only way we will end abortion is to speak loudly to our Governors, our Senators, abortion clinics and the President of the United States. We can flood their phones and their email boxes every month, on the first Friday of the month, which is one of the two most popular days for abortion in America.

For years over 100,000 people have showed up for the annual March for Life. If one-tenth of those called their representatives every month abortion would not be legal anymore. is a grassroots effort which will unite all our proLife voices.

Getting proLife Senators into office is not going to end abortion. They may pass laws allowing babies to get shots to allow for mercy killings, they may push through parental consent laws and they may push through other legislation, but none that will end abortion as long as Roe v Wade exists as the force behind the abortion machine.

The only way abortion will stop is if we call for it to stop.


To you folks reading this article. If you have a site, link to our site & let us know. We will gladly link back to you.

Call or email your friends and let them know about the Monthly Call for Life at

We have a common goal, to end abortion.

Let's unite and do it.

God Bless
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