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Monday, August 01, 2005

What we don't like to see

I have to admit, I don't like to see pictures of aborted babies. The images of human beings ripped to shreds are sickening and extremely difficult for me to view even in if by an accidental quick glance.

I bring this up because the other day I went to a proLife web site and it had a picture that I won't even describe. I stared for a couple of seconds and quickly changed to another page.

Too late.

The incredible sadness of seeing a human being in pieces came over me. I struggled with it for a while and the image is still in my memory.

I'm not blaming the site for having displayed the picture, after all, they didn't cause the person to be dismembered, the murder mill / abortion clinic did. (Any facility that tears a person up for a living doesn't deserve the title of "clinic")

I do wish sites that displayed these types of graphics warned us and had a separate link, but oh well, I know all they are doing is showing what our country is doing to innocent human beings.

What is the difference between a proLifer and a proDeather when it comes to this kind of thing?

> A proLifer knows full well what happens to a baby.

A proDeather doesn't want to see the images because he/she doesn't want to have to see the reality of what their "choice" causes. That is why you hear them admit what is being aborted is a child or a human being. Look at the new slogan for Planned Parenthood "Every Child a Wanted Child".

Check out these bumper stickers from

Not only do proAborts want abortions, they want them payed for. Check out "pro-sex, pro-child, pro-choice". That's what they really want, unlimited sex with no consequences. "Every Child Wanted"?. How can every child be wanted if they rip it to shreds in the womb?

New? proDeathers just now acknowledging a child is being killed?


Margaret Sanger knew what an abortion was. Planned Parenthood even brags how she was the founder of that organization.

Margaret Sanger wanted to ensure a more pure race of Americans. She wanted our children to be aborted so we could prevent the "feeble minded" and the poor from breeding "feeble minded" and poor children.

Ahh Eugenics, thank you Adolph Hitler and Margaret Sanger for the important lesson on how we need to cull the population of the undesirables.

Remember how after WWII the pictures and movies of the Nazi death camps were broadcast all over the world? Whoops, of course you don't, that was before our time. I've seen them on TV though, and I saw stories about that and why they did it. You see, even Germans didn't believe the horrible things that happened back then. They said it was all propaganda. When they saw the films they were disgusted and stunned. To this day though many around the world still believe the stories of the death camps were and are still lies.

Here's what's amazing and revolting. People know what abortion is. The argument that life doesn't begin at the moment of conception is only for adults pretending they are children.

If the images of abortion were shown on TV for one week, abortion would be outlawed, I guarantee it. We will never get to that point though because they are such disturbing images, I don't think the broadcast networks or the government would allow it!

In PA, a protest which has gone on for four years might come to end. Well, it's not just a protest. It's pro life people taking part in a Halloween parade, displaying signs of aborted human beings. I'm sure it's ghastly, but again, don't blame those individuals displaying them, blame the ones doing it.

"When [police] were reminded that the church had done this every year for the previous four years, the sergeant replied, 'We tolerated this in this past, but these pictures personally offend me.'"

Aww, I'm sorry the pictures offend you. Maybe if you didn't kill the children or turn away while they are being killed you wouldn't have to see them dead!

York, PA tried to pass of the parade on a sponsor so that the pro life group would be denied entrance. Nothing doing. Nice try though.

I believe in general people are good. We are all God's children and all make choices that bring us closer or drive us further away from him.

Killing human beings so that we don't have to take responsibility for our actions is not good. It's not as if you go up to someone and say "I'm pregnant" and they say "How did that happen?".

We all know where a baby comes from and how it gets there. The childish proDeathers want what they want, when they want it.

That leaves people of moral character to tell them no, you can't kill your children just because you don't want to accept the consequences of sex.

Perhaps before every woman is able to get an abortion she should have to do 3 things:

1) Talk to a counselor who doesn't make money killing children, unlike Planned Parenthood who counsels death to pay the bills and line their pockets.
2) See an ultrasound of her baby
3) See a 5 minute video of
> Medical complications caused by abortions, such as excessive and prolonged bleeding
> Deaths caused by abortions (besides the baby)
> Psychological damage
> Images of aborted babies

I doubt many women would choose to kill their children after going through all that.
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